Frisco Plumber Raises an Additional $10,000 to Give Families First Access To Clean Water and Sanitation

At Legacy Plumbing, we know the importance of water conservation and believe access to clean water is a fundamental human right. That’s why we partnered with The Water Project in 2013, raising $10,000 to build a well in Africa. After the success of that partnership, we couldn’t wait to keep working with The Water Project, and we’re thrilled to announce that the second project we funded is currently being built.

With the help of your generous donations and our continued giving, we’ve now raised $20,000 in two years! That’s an amazing accomplishment, but it’s even more amazing what that money can do for the communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The gift of water is just the start. When the people in these communities are freed from the burden of seeking out clean water and the risk of illness from contaminated water, they can then pursue education, break the cycle of poverty, and reduce hunger in their community.

The Mashimoni Water and Sanitation Project
The project that is currently underway is more ambitious than the first: Our donations are helping to install water pipes in the Mathare Informal Settlement in Nairobi, Kenya.  Previously, the residents of the settlement had no access to formal water supply or sanitation, so The Water Project, working in conjunction with the Pamoji Trust, is providing a legally piped water network.

The affect this will have on residents’ quality of life cannot be understated, and Michelle and Theron Young, owners of Legacy Plumbing, are so thankful to contribute.

“The Water Project is an incredible force of good in the world, helping communities to become more sustainable and safe through the gift of water,” said Michelle, “and we are glad to help in any way we can.”

Project Updates
The project has been underway since November and has already made great progress.

Legacy Plumbing Services

As The Water Project aims to encourage self-sufficiency in every one of their projects, the network is built on a micro-loan model, and youth group training has been established, where young people in the community learn how to collect trash and recycle. This initiative helps keep the settlement clean and provides youth with a source of income.

So far, 20 applicants for water meters have been installed. These installation points serve 10 households, which means that once the meters are installed, 1,000 people will be served! As soon as those are completed, another ten are scheduled. Over a 12-month period, the loans will be paid back, allowing for an additional 20 points to be installed.  At the end of the project, around 500 households will have access to water and sanitation – including flushing toilets.

In the meantime, five groups of youth have been trained in solid waste management and are already serving 359 households in their community.

Also in spirit of self-sufficiency, the residents of Mathare have been negotiating with Nairobi Water, the meter suppliers, for lower and more comparable rates. Pajomi Trust supports residents fully, and negotiations have recently begun.

Our Continued Involvement

We look forward to updates on this project, while continuing to contribute to charitable causes closer to home. Michelle and Theron also support Hope Park, Frisco Family Services, and Project Warm Us. As Legacy Plumbing is a family-owned company, we’ve made it a central tenant of our business to always contribute positively to our local community and the wider world.



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