Our Team

We only hire seasoned, highly skilled professionals to represent our company. Our technicians are all fully-licensed plumbers through the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners and go through extensive training before they are given the Legacy uniform. All of our employees go through a thorough background check and are drug-free.

Theron & Michelle Young

President & CEO

At Legacy Plumbing, it’s all about continuous improvement. It’s about empowering our employees to reach their full potential. It’s about working and learning in partnership with each other to improve our skills. By investing in our employees, we are developing ourselves to be better leaders and work to make the community a better place.

The Legacy Team


Wayne Pierce

Field Supervisor

License # J37830


Canon Patchell

Field Supervisor

License # T5109

Kelly Website

Kelly McGinn

Field Supervisor

License # M36678


Mike Collard

Plumbing Technician

License # T2390


Cole Ewton

Plumbing Technician

License # J50154


Logan Gnerlich

Plumbing Technician

License # J51418


Gerald Gnerlich

Plumbing Technician

License # T7882

Alex Website

Alex Maxwell

Plumbing Technician

License # T7586


Luis Mena

Plumbing Technician

License # T6610


Johnny Olivera

Plumbing Technician

License # T4791


Sean Reecer

Plumbing Technician

License # M42934


Steven Shell

Plumbing Technician

License # T7671


Matthew Tygart

Plumbing Technician

License # T5452

Jeremy Website

Jeremy Bogue

Plumbing Technician

License # T3439


Tyler Harkleroad

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A155561


Jeremias Hernandez

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A154501


Jake Hess

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A150068


Adam Mallady

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A148560


Mitchell Mosley

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A152926

Henry Website

Henry Nichol IV

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A158673


Ahndre Olison

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A141597


Jordan Sanchez

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A150571


Hubert Sztandera

Plumbing Apprentice

License # A152257


Anthony Corona

Warehouse Coordinator

License # A132718


Meagan Kile

Advocate Manager



Thomas Bates




Paris Bebault




Cliffton Clark




Eric Cox




Carmesha Hawley



Nancy Website

Nancy Danner

Accounting Manager



Jo Fuller

Administrative Coordinator



Enoch Heise

Training Coordinator


Our Work is Our Word.

I can’t say enough good things about Legacy Plumbing. From the very first call to them, the immediate sense was evident they were in it for me. I was connected to a specialist to hear about my issue. Possible causes were identified, and solutions I could do myself were even presented as options if I wanted. They outlined in detail the steps they would take, the associated costs…all up front before any commitments were made. They stayed in constant communication. As this was not an immediate emergency situation, an appointment was made the following day. The plumbing specialist (Mike Collard) called 1½ hours before the appointment time saying he was running early and would come earlier if I would like. (When was a plumber ever early?) Once here, my problem became Mike’s problem and he took it from there. After discussing the issue, of the six possible causes for it, Mike ruled out four in the first 5 minutes and narrowed the focus. He outlined what he would do, and the associated costs to the penny. He did indeed find the cause (which was not obvious) and set out to repair it. While there, I asked about several other items…Mike offered up solutions and costs, plus some do-it-yourself alternatives. He also provided some great advice about our home and other project work. Like I said previously, I can’t say enough good things about Legacy Plumbing. They are exactly as advertised on their website, plus some. From the first person to answer my call, to the specialist that shook my hand leaving my home, it could not have been better. Thanks Legacy Plumbing!
Bill T.
Johnny Olivera did a great job for us! Thanks.
Tod Vogt
I highly recommend this company for all your plumbing needs. We needed a leak under one of our sinks repaired. Luis and Aarin arrived as scheduled and completed the job quickly. While they were here I also asked them to replace the shutoff valve in the lavatory. All of the people and I dealt with this company are very courteous and friendly.
Bill Sepper
It was the most professional job I have ever experienced from a tradesperson. I was informed beforehand what the cost would be. Sam explained everything to me in detail and cleaned up everything after completion. He took care of all the necessary permitting. He actually fixed a number of things that were wrongly done by those construction crews. You truly do get what you pay for with this company.
Jack Milanese
Many thanks to the awesome technicians, Kelly and James, who’s efficiency in repairing my plumbing issues probably saved my holidays. These outstanding young men made a potential plumbing nightmare a good experience. Not only did they evaluate my issues but they made recommendations that will help me maintain the system. Kelly and James are personable, cheerful, happy, knowledgeable, and professional. I feel extremely lucky to have discovered Legacy Plumbing; Kelly and James, my new and forever awesome plumbing company. Thanks!
Leanne Todd