Arms of Hope

A Legacy of Hope

When Legacy Plumbing was started back in 2006, it was started with the underlying belief that the highest reward of success is the opportunity to help those who cannot help themselves.

As Legacy Plumbing grew and explored different ways of living this out, we discovered a local organization that is on the frontlines of spreading the Light to those in need in our community. Arms of Hope is dedicated to serving children and single-mother families throughout Texas.

As we go into different homes and businesses serving our customers with their basic plumbing needs, we remember that many around us lack some of the most basic things we take for granted such as regular meals and a safe, healthy place to stay. Arms of Hope wants to help as many disadvantaged children and single-mothers as possible to rise up out of poverty, abuse, and neglect by walking alongside them and helping them build a sustainable and healthy life.

Why It Matters

Arms of Hope does not receive federal or state grants, so they depend on individuals and businesses like ours to keep doing the work they do. This is something we are passionate about, and we have found many ways to contribute to this organization over the years both financially and by specifically aiding in their various programs. 

Where possible, we involve our customers more directly in the giving process. By sharing this opportunity, we are trying to spread a spirit of generosity that will amplify and inspire good throughout the community.

Read below about a few of the highlighted programs we have participated in since 2016. Thank you for making this possible and being a part of changing so many lives!

Legacy's Hope Projects
Donation Gift

Supporting the education of children in need is an important part of Arms of Hope’s mission. Every year since 2016, we’ve taken part in their backpack and school supplies drive. We’ve included our customers in this opportunity by waiving the $50 service fee for each donation of a backpack or 15 different school supply items. All of these supplies were given directly to the children through Arms of Hope. Because 2020 was a much different school year and we wanted to minimize contact for our customers, we opted for a cash donation instead for Arms of Hope to use for whatever educational needs existed.

Gift Donation

Every year since 2016, Legacy Plumbing employees have “adopted” kids in need who are being supported by Arms of Hope. Christmas time can be especially hard for these children. The employees of Legacy Plumbing purchase different presents to fill the children’s wish list as well as bring them new coats, outfits, and shoes. It is so special to see our employees get their own families involved in giving back and directly impacting these children.  Legacy Plumbing and the employees look forward to being a part of this each holiday season.

Drain of the Game FLyer

Legacy Plumbing has long been a sponsor of the Texas Legends basketball team. At various times over the years we have partnered with them in support of Arms of Hope. Whether it was through the Legend’s “Mission of the Month”, “Three’s for Charity”, or the “Drain of the Game”, this has always been a fun way to spread good alongside our favorite basketball team.

Minivan Donation

During 2018, we were made aware that Arms of Hope needed another vehicle for transporting the children and families they were serving. We included our customers in this project through a social media game. At the end of the day, Legacy Plumbing was able to purchase a large minivan and donate it to Arms of Hope.

Learn About
Arms of Hope

Arms of Hope is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Christian care organization that assists children and single-mother families in need. Arms of Hope’s facilities include Medina Children’s Home (60 miles northwest of San Antonio) and Boles Children’s Home (40 miles northeast of Dallas). The facilities have over 150 years combined experience in comprehensive residential care programs for children. Arms of Hope also reaches disadvantaged children in their own neighborhoods in various communities with its Outreach Ministry programs.

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