Who We Are

At Legacy Plumbing, we’re doing more than keeping the water flowing, toilets flushing, and the showers warm. We know when those things are happening, life is running at it’s best. We set the tone for the quality of life for thousands of people in North Texas!



Legacy provides plumbing services that help homes perform at their best.

When we help homes and businesses run smoothly, it helps lives run smoothly too. And when that happens, people can focus on becoming their best selves.

Our Way

Leaving a lasting legacy of integrity, quality and hard work inspires us to show up for our customers and for each other every day.

We believe that upfront communication, continuous improvement, and action-oriented accountability help us have our greatest impact on those we serve.

Our Purpose

Legacy exists to positively impact and transform the lives of our employees, customers and community.

We accomplish this by inspiring each other to be our best selves, constantly redefining what service is, and spreading good by doing good.



At Legacy Plumbing, we do upfront pricing and diagnosis over the phone. Whether we're walking you through the steps to solve the issue yourself or providing our price to repair, we're here for you. With our upfront approach, you will always know what to expect in solving your plumbing problem at Legacy Plumbing.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and honesty. At Legacy Plumbing, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We don't do gimmicks or sales pitches. We cultivate authentic relationships with our customers through actively listening to their needs and delivering service with integrity.


It's our purpose to positively impact and transform the lives of those around us. Continuous improvement is our way of life. We accomplish this by inspiring each other to be our best selves, constantly redefining what service is, and spreading good by doing good in our communities.

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award-winning service

the best customer service guaranteed

At Legacy Plumbing, we're redefining what service is. To us, service is a lifestyle. It's about putting others before ourselves. We believe that service is more than just one thing. It’s about caring for others; appreciating life in every way and the impact we make because of these things. At Legacy Plumbing, we make these promises to continue delivering the best customer service guaranteed.

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We only hire skilled, licensed professionals.
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We will show up on time.
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You will always know the price before we start.
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We will leave the area cleaner than we found it.

our values

We live for exceeding expectations and want to be the one raising the bar. We hold ourselves, our work and our team to the highest standards. We are meticulous in execution, no matter how small the task.
We create raving fans of our customers and of each other. We believe our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we provide an experience that surpasses expectations.
We defend and protect our team to keep us unified. We help our teammates thrive and we invest in their growth. We show up for our team selflessly and whenever needed.
We love our mission and what we stand for. We believe that this isn’t just a job. It’s a calling, and we love it. We are a true servant-leader with an authentic desire to serve others first.
We are a positive example for others in all areas of our lives. We place great importance on honor, reputation and manners. We act with integrity in everything we do.
We do what we say we will do, don’t make excuses, and take 100% responsibility for everything we do at work and in our life. Our decisions contribute to the growth, success and betterment of Legacy Plumbing.
We never settle. In everything we do, we challenge ideas of what’s possible. We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate.
We seek to understand by actively listening with curiosity, humility and respect. We are open, clear, and direct in our communications. If something doesn’t make sense, we ask questions.
We have no tolerance for mediocrity. We have a strong work ethic and are relentless to succeed. We have an unyielding desire to get it done no matter the circumstance, and we never complain.
We have the spirit of giving to help those in need, and we act on it. We are generous with others, with our time, with our knowledge, and with our craft. It is the heart of who we are.
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Boy Drinking water from tap
Boy Drinking water from tap

Spreading good by doing good

At Legacy Plumbing, we give our time, money and energy to make a lasting change for those who need it. We have an obligation to better the community that we are a part of and make our world a better place. Legacy Plumbing strives to establish deep roots in the communities we service, and we give back through charitable work, championing water conservation, and assisting others who cannot help themselves.