Sewer & Drain Line Inspections

Legacy Plumbing offers advanced sewer and drain line inspections with pipe cameras and hydrostatic pressure testing in Frisco, Plano, North Dallas and surrounding cities.

If you’ve been told you have a sewer line leak  or frequent drain clogs and backups you probably need to have your drain system professionally investigated. Legacy Plumbing specializes in advanced sewer diagnostics. Every truck carries a sewer inspection camera and all the tools necessary to properly assess sewer and drain pipes.

Whether you have a section of deteriorated pipe, a broken fitting, a belly in the line, or a full break… our licensed plumbers have the experience  to diagnose and fix residential plumbing systems and plumbing issues.

Sewer Line Video Inspection and Locating

Sewer inspection technology has come a long way. Our sewer cameras can go up to 100 feet into the drain system and return a clear, real-time video to the monitor. Furthermore, these cameras come with locating sondes. This means that once we visually identify the sewer line problems we can pinpoint the exact location above ground with our locating wand. 

What Cameras Can Do

There are many things you can visually diagnose with a sewer inspection camera. You can often identify breaks or offsets in the sewer line, root intrusions, foreign objects, and bellies. A belly is a section of the pipe that does not have proper slope (or backfall) and always retains water in the pipe even when there is no stoppage. Being aware of the presence of bellies can give you a heads up for future backups down the road and protect your North Texas home from potential sewer line problems.

What Cameras Cannot Do

One limitation of the camera is that it can only see when the pipe is clear of obstructions. If the line is full of cloudy or muddy water, then visibility is limited. Legacy Plumbing typically needs to unclog the system first before we can positively identify the cause of the backup. If we are unable to clear the clog because the pipe is badly damaged, then we can run the camera down the sewer line until it reaches the clog and will not go any further. We can locate that spot as a starting place.

Hydrostatic and Isolation Testing​

Some other methods Legacy Plumbing uses to test sewer lines are the hydrostatic test and isolation testing. These unobtrusive procedures allow us to determine unquestionably whether there a leak on the sub-slab sewer piping and pinpoint where that leak is.

Static Testing

This test consists of purposefully capping off the main sewer line where it exits the foundation. Once the only path of escape is blocked, we can fill up the sewer system with water until the water line reaches the level of the slab foundation.

You can watch the water level for a period of 10 minutes. If the water line starts to drop, it indicates that there is a leak somewhere in the system.

Isolation Testing

Isolation testing uses the same principles as static testing to locate leaks in sewer lines. Using the inspection camera, you can move the test balloons to different parts of the system to block off sections and test them individually. In this way, you can narrow down the precise pipe fitting that is leaking even if the issue is not able to be discovered by visual inspection only.


Before video line inspection, plumbers had to dig up multiple areas just to locate the source of the problem. Understandably, this delayed the diagnosis, which delayed the repairs. A plumbing problem could take over your life. A video line inspection gives your plumber visual confirmation of the exact location of the problem. Fast diagnosis is of the utmost importance, as you don’t want a small problem to escalate into an expensive plumbing catastrophe.

There’s nothing worse than getting an estimate on a job, only to find that there’s a whole host of other problems the plumber wasn’t aware of before he started. Video line inspection allows your plumber to a look at the entire problem immediately upon diagnosis. Instead of performing a small repair that ignores the larger issues, your plumber will be able to provide long-term results. This also gives you the opportunity to catch plumbing issues before they escalate.

Instead of dragging the process out over weeks (or months if it’s done incorrectly), video line inspection helps you to get the problem solved efficiently. Your plumber will know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it as soon as he receives visual confirmation. Now you won’t have to worry about having a plumber in to fix something, only to find that you need to call another plumber in a few months to fix what the first one missed. Video line inspection is also a relatively inexpensive service, and its growing popularity means that most professional plumbers will use it.

Video line inspections can help diagnose almost all residential plumbing issues. If you notice a significant jump in your water bill, backed up toilets, sinks, and showers, or any other plumbing related issue, ask your plumber about performing a video line inspection.

As a homeowner, you want to be aware of emerging technologies that help you take care of your home. Not only does this make you an educated consumer when contacting a potential plumber, it can also help you choose the fastest and least expensive option.Legacy Plumbing ServicesThat’s where video pipe inspection comes in. It is likely that staying on top of plumbing technology hasn’t occurred to you, making video pipe inspection a foreign term. Video pipe inspection is an important development in plumbing and can help you deal with any residential plumbing problems you experience.

Naturally, you hope to never encounter a plumbing problem that’s going to cause a major disruption in your home. A clogged toilet is bad enough. However, many people find themselves with an unexpected plumbing problem and no idea what the source of the trouble is. Unfortunately, many problems originate in places that aren’t easily accessible. In the past, not know where the problem is has necessitated having your yard destroyed or parts of your home eviscerated during a search and destroy approach. The invention of video pipe inspection helps limit the damage caused to your home.  Plumbers who use video technology are able to locate the exact source of the problem by inserting a video into your plumbing. The specially made camera is simply pushed along until the problem is found. A device that emits an electronic signal is attached to the camera. Once the blockage or broken pipe is located, a professional plumber will use a location device to pinpoint the exact location.

Using video line inspection, a professional plumber can diagnose and locate just about any plumbing problem you may have in your home. When your plumber has identified the problem area, they paint an X on the ground above the problem. This limits the scope of damage to your yard. Before, repairs could take days – a large portion of that time just dedicated to finding the problem. Now, video line inspection offers a fast and inexpensive way to locate the problem and work on it in a timely manner. Of course, this is a huge benefit to homeowners faced with unexpected plumbing problems.

Using these tools along with a refined diagnostic methodology, Legacy Plumbing technicians are able to quickly and efficiently pinpoint sewer line problems under the slab and under the yard before they are excavated. This saves North Texas homeowners time, money, and keeps the disruption of your house and yard from plumbing issues to a minimum.

Legacy Plumbing is centrally located to provide fast service to North Dallas and surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for a North Dallas area plumber please call us today or complete our Online Request Form.

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