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Plumbing issues are something that no resident of Frisco wants to deal with, yet they know that at some point, they’ll have to address a crucial situation. Regardless of the severity of a particular concern, it makes sense to use licensed professionals that can handle such situations promptly and do the job right.

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The good news is that the city of Frisco has made it easier on the wallets of residents to afford water-saving concepts by offering discounts and rebates on certain items. These include:

  • Partnering with Rainwater Solutions, Inc. to offer a reduced price on rain barrels. Taking advantage of this offer allows a homeowner to cut the risk of flooding, limit pollution stemming from storm-water and see lower water usage by using rainwater to water your lawn and garden.
  • Offering a new shower head simply by simply exchanging your old one at no cost. The end result is that all of that water used in a typical shower will be reduced by perhaps as much as 40 percent. Those cost savings stay in your pocket, while installation of these devices are a breeze.
  • Having your sprinkler system checked to ensure maximum efficiency through the use of a licensed irrigation. Besides detecting possible issue, this experienced professional can also offer ways to detect and fix minor matters with your sprinkler. That will aid your landscaping efforts and cut your water costs.

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The wide range of possible problems can often overwhelm an inexpensive handyman that might have been used in an effort to keep tabs on a family’s budget. The skills of our trained staff ensure that your particular matter is handled properly and include:

Detecting, Replacing or Repairing Gas Line Leaks

Finding out too late about a leak in your gas line can potentially lead to a lifetime of regret over the death of a family member or the destruction of a residence. These horrors can come without warning; detection by a licensed plumber is one way you’ll be able to have a level of reassurance.

Plumbing Maintenance, Repair and Installation

Being able to properly maintain your plumbing can help limit the costs when fixes are needed. The reality of this situation is that many people lack the time or inclination to handle such duties. When it comes to repairs, that concern becomes even more prominent, since it can often be a complicated and sometimes messy issue. By the same token, having to replace aspects of your plumbing is something that should only be handled by a licensed Frisco plumber.

The Need for Pressure Regulating Valves

Homes that have been built in Frisco since 2002 have been required to have pressure regulating valves installed, given the community’s high water pressure. Addressing this matter would likely be a headache for a homeowner but is simply a matter of course for your Frisco plumber, with the usual lifespan of these devices generally not lasting more than a decade.

Detecting and Repairing Slab Leaks

The onset of a slab leak can be insidious and is something that has to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Signs of this can be seen with things like low water pressure, wet spots or cracks in the floor and higher water bills. Ignoring this problem is a recipe for watching your home get ruined, a harrowing prospect that doesn’t have to occur when a call is placed to a licensed plumber.

Repairing and Replacing Water Heaters

The water heater is a home appliance that few think about until a problem develops, but a lack of hot water can literally have a chilling effect on a homeowner. Trying to repair or replace a water heater without the requisite experience may not only create more problems, but it could turn dangerous and lead to painful burns for a would-be handyman looking to save money.

Light Commercial Plumbing

Homeowners aren’t the only ones in need of the services of a Frisco plumber, which is why we also offer light commercial plumbing services. These include plumbing concerns for areas like business offices, bathrooms and break rooms. Specific matters could relate to leaks and detecting problems that lead to repairs and replacements.

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Finding someone who has the ability to promptly handle the inevitable plumbing problems that develop can take a tremendous weight off your shoulders. Entrusting us will allow you to have the confidence of knowing that you’ve hired a company that puts a premium on integrity and won’t hit you with hidden fees. Make sure to contact us today to ensure that your job is done right the first time and at a competitive price.

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