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All eyes are on Frisco, and it’s no wonder. With a 71 percent increase in population in the past decade alone, the city topped Money magazine’s list of “The 50 Best Places to Live in America” in 2018 and hasn’t slowed down since. In fact, Frisco has become a relocation destination and is an ethnically diverse city with nearly 23 percent foreign-born residents.

When Legacy Plumbing was founded in 2006, Frisco and the North Dallas area were just starting to attract business migrations, new homeowners and Texas transplants. 15 years later and Legacy Plumbing has grown from a small family operation into one of the most recognized plumbing companies in Frisco, Plano and beyond. As new homes continue to move outward into McKinney, Allen and Denton County, Legacy Plumbing’s team has grown to continue providing exceptional plumbing service.

With the city filling up more and more every day, it can be a daunting task to find a professional plumber who can handle the inevitable problems that develop — and that’s what Legacy Plumbing is here for.

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Frisco’s current 200,500 residents have found that we are a company that puts a premium on integrity and upfront pricing. You can be sure that your job is done right the first time!

Legacy Plumbing focuses on homeowners, specializing in residential plumbing repairs, installations and maintenance. We commonly install water heaters, pressure reducing valves, repair toilets and clogged sewer drain lines. Our licensed plumbers follow all code requirements and are knowledgable about City of Frisco requirements.

We offer several discounts to new customers and to police, military, seniors, firefighters.

PLUMBING Problems in Frisco

Most of Frisco’s professional residents are living the family lifestyle of good schools and low crime. They are predominantly homeowners (75 percent) married with children (43 percent).

More than half of the city’s homes are 4+ bedrooms, which is a higher than 98% of cities in the US. The majority of Frisco homes are newer, bigger models, with 72.9 percent built after the year 2000. This adds to the modern, new vibe of the city, and creates an urban sprawl with homes on the upper end hitting the 10,000-square-foot mark on up to 2 acres of land.

With a hot housing market for the last decade, Frisco residents are frequently adding additional bathrooms, upgrading kitchens or replacing appliances with the newest gas and electric water heaters, stoves and more.

However, there is something to watch out for in newer homes, especially those built in the years 2000-2009 (about 42% of the available Frisco market).

The huge number of homes that were built during the 1997-2007 boom made it difficult to command quality control. As a result, many of these homes were hastily constructed and failed to meet code. Water leaks, subpar appliances and foundation cracks are just some of many faults to watch out for in these builds.

In fact, foundation issues tend to plague the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in general because of the clay soil in the area. The soil expands and contracts when it rains, which can lead to cracks and plumbing leaks under a slab foundation.

The city has been noticing larger than normal blockages occurring in the sewer system recently, and officials have been reaching out to residents to avoid flushing and dumping certain items down the drain.

In the kitchen, it’s wise to avoid draining FOG (fats, oils, grease). Some mistakenly believe that running hot water will help these items go down the drain. However, these oils will still cool down and harden in your household pipes, and eventually you will need to call on Legacy Plumbing to clear the sewage backup.

The city suggests collecting FOG in a resealable container and bringing it to the City of Frisco Environmental Collection Center (6616 Walnut Street) to recycle.

In the bathroom, any number of items can clog the toilet, including paper towels, hygiene products and cotton swabs. But the biggest culprit by far is wet wipes. These “flushable” wipes do not break down like regular toilet paper, and they are causing big backups in the pipes.

Additionally, it is not safe to flush prescription drugs. The chemicals cannot be removed in the water treatment process and could affect Frisco’s drinking water.

Frisco gets its water from North Texas Municipal Water District, which is considered “moderately hard,” mostly because of naturally occurring minerals found in Lavon Lake. It’s not harmful to drink this water, but it does cause buildup and residue on your plumbing fixtures and appliances, such as your water heater, shortening its lifespan.

Research shows that gas water heaters using hard water lose much of their efficiency over the course of their normal life expectancy due to scale buildup. Contact Legacy Plumbing to discuss maintenance and care for your water heater.

In the City of Frisco, an expansion tank for a water heater is only required on closed loop systems. All houses built after 2002 are required to have a pressure reducing valve (PRV) upon construction which automatically creates a closed-loop system. If you are needing repair or replacement of a water heater expansion tank or PRV in Frisco, give the experts at Legacy Plumbing a call. 

Frisco is serious about water conservation — the city even helps you get a rain barrel to collect the runoff for lawn and garden maintenance!

But first the city has a strict set of water usage guidelines. You may be  limited by how often you can water your lawn. The city offers conservation workshops and virtual Waterwise Tips on YouTube.

Rainwater Solutions Inc. partners with the city in the spring to offer a reduced price on 50-gallon rain barrels. Taking advantage of this offer allows the buyer to cut the risk of flooding, limit pollution stemming from storm-water and see lower water usage by using rainwater to water your lawn and garden.

Yet another incentive is to have your sprinkler system checked to ensure maximum efficiency through the use of a licensed irrigation specialist to help cut your water costs. You can schedule a checkup on the myFRISCO app.


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General Plumbing
Luis is just the best! He was a God send for us. He explained everything to us that he saw needed to be done. The communication was great, his work was awesome and he cleaned everything up. He explained everything he did and showed us. We just felt such a peace and confidence in him and the work he did for us! We would highly recommend him to anyone needing work done in their home. He just went above and beyond. Thank you Luis and thank you Legacy Plumbing! There is a reason you are all on the "Good Contractor's List". We are grateful.
Tammy Park
General Plumbing
We have worked with Legacy for many years and on various projects. They are professional, do good work and treat us fairly. We've been fortunate enough to have Wayne help us out several times. We've also asked for help on plumbing issues that weren't necessarily in their scope. Theron always steps in and helps with his insight and knowledge. They are greatly appreciated. Joyce D.
Joyce D.
General Plumbing
First time using Legacy Plumbing and we totally, totally satisfied. Canon and Steven diagnosed the problem, explained in simplified detail what the problem was, as well as the possible remedies. Explaining the issue so clearly allowed us to make an informed decision and to resolve the issue. They were prompt, very knowledgeable , personable and a pleasure to do business with. We will only use this firm for our future plumbing needs. Many thanks.
Chuck Norsch