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Allen, a successful city going strong 20 miles north of Dallas, has kept up a steady growth rate as accolades continue to pour in. Named in multiple “Best Places to Live” lists in the past few years, families converge to seek out homes in the city’s competitive real estate market.

The community has become a tech hotspot for highly educated workers in the computer and math fields — assimilating in a melting pot of nationalities, ethnicities and nearly 20 percent foreign-born residents.

North Dallas-based Legacy Plumbing is privileged to service the expanding pipework in Allen’s homes, bringing our award-winning plumbing expertise, installation and repair to the 104,600 residents of this white-collar city.

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As a homeowner, the best feeling is figuring out a way to improve your home while saving money at the same time. If you’re a homeowner in Allen, it’s your lucky day.

The city has a plethora of rebate opportunities to help you save water and money.

  • SMART Irrigation Equipment: This equipment allows you to set your irrigation system according to the weather, zones, sprinkler nozzle type, soil type, plant type and ground conditions. Save 50 percent of the installation (up to $125). (Legacy Plumbing does not install or service irrigation equipment. We recommend reaching out to a well-rated, licensed irrigation contractor.)
  • Pressure Reducing Valves: You can qualify for this rebate if the water pressure in your area is over 80 psi according to Allen’s water pressure map. Legacy Plumbing frequently installs PRV valves in Allen. The city will rebate up to $125 off the cost of installations that qualify.
  • Rain and Freeze Sensors: Sensors override your settings to keep your sprinklers from coming on when it’s raining or freezing. If your system is older than 2015, you may qualify for a city rebate up to $50. (Again, Legacy Plumbing does not install irrigation equipment. Reach out to a licensed irrigation contractor.)
  • Low-Flow Toilets: To qualify, your home must have been built in 2005 or earlier. Select a WaterSense toilet to replace your high-volume toilet. Legacy can install — and then you can get a rebate from the city of Allen of up to $100 for the first toilet, $75 for the second, and $50 for the third (in separate bathrooms). (If your house has old cast-iron pipes, you may be better off rebuilding the old toilet instead of replacing it due to the possibility of flow issues.)
  • Water-Efficient Washing Machines: Save up to 55 percent water savings with an efficient machine! To qualify, you must replace a low-efficient machine or purchase a washer for the first time. The city will rebate up to 50 percent of the machine up to $75/$100/$125 (depending on the machine tier rating).
  • Rain Barrels: Save your receipt and receive up to $25 each for purchasing two rain collectors that you can then use to water your lawn/garden.


Looking for a discount, coupon or deal? At Legacy Plumbing, we are providing employees of Allen ISD a 10% discount. See coupon for more details. If you aren’t an employee of Allen ISD, we also offer discounts on some services. View all on our coupon page.


Talk about putting down some roots! Nearly 80 percent of Allen residents are homeowners. Of these homeowners, 65 percent have a college degree and 42 percent are married with kids.

These homeowners are choosing 3- to 4-bedroom single-family homes in the high-$300,000s. Depending on the home, it might be a new build from 2000 or later (51.9 percent) or an older build from 1960-1999 (46.2 percent).

Allen’s vibe is a mix of modern and retro, but one thing is uniform: these houses are big. Allen residents like homes up to 5,000 square feet sitting on a 0.3-acre lot.
Home buyers have been wish-listing bigger lots, fenced yards, Jack-and-Jill bathrooms, lake views and steam showers. Additionally, they’re seeking out swimming pools, ponds and modern kitchens — which means more water pipes and hookups snaking through the property involving maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, many of Allen’s homes are needing inspections of water heaters, repair and replacements. On average, water heaters and washers/dryers are expected to last 10-15 years. Once these machines are at the end of their life, they are more likely to quit suddenly and inconveniently — say, in the middle of a snowstorm or when your favorite shirt is mid-cycle.

Even if your appliances are new, keep an eye out for humidity damage. The Dallas-Fort Worth “humid subtropical” climate can cause mildew and mold growth that could lead to your machines shorting out. You can avoid moisture buildup by keeping your washer and dryer open when they’re not in use.

Give Legacy Plumbing a call if you suspect that your appliances aren’t working properly — we can repair or help install new machines to keep your household running smoothly.

One problem that home inspectors frequently notice in Allen is improper construction without permits, including plumbing upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens. Call the professionals for plumbing that is safe and up to code!

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Did you know that 4,200 home fires are ignited by natural gas each year?

That’s right — it’s serious business. If you are in any way concerned that there may be a leak in your Allen home, Legacy Plumbing can carry out a gas static test to ease your mind.

On the emergency end, if you smell a major gas leak around your home, don’t hang around! Get as far from the area as possible and call 911. Then call your Allen gas provider (Coserv or Atmos) and work out who is responsible for the leak. Pro tip: If the leak runs from the meter to your home or is inside the home, it’s usually up to you.

Legacy Plumbing can repair or replace the line for you, taking care of excavation, city permits, etc. We will make sure there are no surprises.

Even with periodic rate increases, most Allen customers are paying a lower rate than neighbors in every other North Texas Municipal Water District.

This is because the city has been taking measures to keep Allen’s rate lower than the state average, including implementing “Smart Water Meters” for 2022-2023. This effort automates meter reading so residents can assess their water usage. The effort will also include adding the capability to detect certain residential leaks.

Residents’ water payments also cover raw water collection and treatment; equipment maintenance; water testing equipment; and projects that replace infrastructure to match Allen’s growing needs, such as next year’s project to complete the Windridge Subdivision water and sewer lines.

Like its sister DFW cities, Allen takes water conservation seriously, limiting daytime watering during the hottest months of the year to twice a week and only at designated times of the day.

The city created its own YouTube series about sustainable landscaping, has a water newsletter, and comes up with educational conversation programs for children.

Need even more water content? Try your hand at the city’s Sprinkler Math, which can help you figure out how to save money AND water.

If you see a water leak, please report it to the city by calling 214.509.4530. If the leak is on your property, call on Legacy, and we can run a full diagnostic to fix the issue. You can request a water bill credit for sudden leaks to lessen the burden on your wallet.


Our team of licensed professionals has got what it takes to solve any plumbing problem that comes your way, all while prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Residents of Allen, TX — give Legacy Plumbing a ring at 972-632-5412 or fill out our quick online contact form. Tell us what’s broken, and we’ll fix it!

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We used Legacy Plumbing for the first time today. They were easy to work with from the initial contact through the completion of service. Wayne and Tyler were knowledgeable, professional and very careful not to damage anything. They willingly answered questions and provided helpful information. We would highly recommend them and will be contacting them the next time we need plumbing assistance.
Cynthia C.
Frozen, General Plumbing
I have used Legacy Plumbing on 3 different occasions, most recently to come out on the coldest day we have had in a very long time to repair a ruptured pipe in an exterior wall. Time after time you guys provide exemplary service. Sam was here earlier than expected, answered questions and concerns I had regarding freezing pipes, and helped me with advice to further protect my home during one of the worst freezes in my lifetime. Thank you for being there!
Dee Garza
General Plumbing
Licensed Plumber Johnny Olivera was great! I found him to be very detailed and thorough in diagnosis of the problem and how to fix it - Ask for Johnny, that’s who I’m calling out next time I need a plumber!