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The suburban Dallas community of Allen continues to be a thriving area, where residents tend carefully to their homes while enjoying the multitude of options available to them within the city limits. Part of ensuring that the value of those residences stays high means protecting all aspects of their plumbing.

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The need for standard plumbing services in Allen by trusted sources is also something that's needed. Legacy Plumbing knows this, which is why we offer experienced professionals.

Looking for a discount, coupon or deal? Who isn't these days. At Legacy Plumbing, we are providing employees of Allen ISD a 10% discount. See coupon for more details. If you aren't an employee of Allen ISD, we also offer discounts on some services. View all on our coupon page.

Plumbing Repair and Replacement

Problems like leaky faucets and toilet breakdowns are frustrating to homeowners, with many having neither the ability nor the interest to take on any fixes or changeovers. Contacting Legacy for such jobs will bring a licensed plumber who's equipped to tackle any concern, large or small, and quickly allow your life to return to normal.

Fixing Slab Leaks

Watching a slab leak appear can cause a homeowner great aggravation. That's because the clear indicators of lower water pressure, higher water bills, cracked ceilings and walls, and warmer floors mean that ignoring the problem isn't a viable option. Contacting Legacy will offer you the proper peace of mind you deserve.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning prevents future problems and keeps things flowing inside the pipes. Over time dirt and other debris build-ups in even the cleanest environments - if you notice a clogged or slow to drain line call Legacy Plumbing

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

When a water heater is no longer working, you'll know it, but red flags like a lack of hot water or the onset of puddled water around water heaters demand immediate attention. If your water heater is old enough, it may need to be replaced, another a job Legacy can tackle. We work on all kinds of water heaters including: tankless water heaters, electric water heaters and gas water heaters.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Sewer line repair and replacement can be messy for a homeowner, but Legacy's staff is fully equipped to get to the heart of the problem. Going underground is easier for them by using a video camera, which can spot tree roots, rusted pipes or other blockages.

Gas Line Detection, Repair and Replacement

Houses are destroyed and people are killed because of gas leaks that may go undetected until it's too late. If you are starting to detect a whiff of gas or simply want reassurance that no problem exists, contacting Legacy will result in a professional to check the gas leak and repair or replace the problem.

Allen Emergency Plumber

Need a plumber right away? Legacy Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services in Allen - we can help with broken pipes, flooding and no water flow for residential and commercial.

Light Commercial Plumbing

Legacy also offers its skills to commercial businesses in Allen to tackle many of the same concerns that residents face.

Rebate information along with forms can be found on the City of Allen’s website at

Let Legacy Plumbing help you update your home, and save money. From installing PRVs to installing a new low flow toilet, we do it all! We are an honest, company that believes in doing it right the first time, with integrity.

Allen Plumbing Promos and Rebates

Rain Barrels

Reducing flooding, saving water and limiting stormwater pollution are three benefits from these products. Residents purchasing one can receive up to a $25 rebate from the city.

Washing Machines

By purchasing a new, high-efficiency model, a huge savings of energy and water usage is gained. The city offers a rebate of up to 50 percent on machines by offering up to $125 for Tier 3 machines, $100 for Tier 2 and $75 for Tier 1.

Rain and Freeze Sensor

This device stops automatic irrigation, with the city offering up to a $50 rebate toward the purchase and installation of one by a licensed irrigator.

Pressure Reducing Valve

Homes built before 2002 and with psi pressure of over 80 can receive a 50 percent rebate on pressure reducing valves, up to $125, on installation by a licensed plumber. Reducing the water pressure will save on wear-and-tear of fixtures, save water and money.


The cost to purchase and install a low-flow toilet of 1.28 gallons or less can be reduced through a 50 percent rebate from the city. Residents in homes built before December 2005 will receive up to $100 for the first toilet, $75 for the second and $50 for the third. This can save an estimated 25 gallons of water per day.

Doing Things Right

Contacting Legacy for your plumbing needs is the surest way to get past a potential or current problem you're facing. By contacting our customer service team at 972-801-9798, you can sit back and have confidence that things will be handled professionally.

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