The Charity of the Month for March is the Code of Support Foundation.

The Code of Support Foundation was founded in 2010 by Major General (RET) Alan B. Salisbury and Kristina Kaufmann with the goal of bridging the growing divide of understanding and engagement between our military and civilian communities. Working with a dedicated team of retired military and civilian leaders, he developed the “Code of Support” for our troops as a parallel document to the Military “Code of Conduct” in which service members pledge that they are prepared to give their lives in defense of our country. The Code of Support Foundation is dedicated to leveraging the nation’s full spectrum of resources to ensure all members of our military, veterans and their families receive the support they need and have earned. COSF’s three unique programs help transform military and veteran lives. Their first two programs directly support the 1% who serve/have served and their families. The third program enables the 99%, who benefit from the service and sacrifice of the 1%, to do their share and provide meaningful support to our troops.

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We want to thank Canon for sharing this worthy organization with us!