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Tired of an outdated, corroded, and stained kitchen or bathroom sink and toilets?  Looking to upgrade your kitchen or shower faucet, handles, and fixtures? Legacy Plumbing can help!

Sometimes when we finish a slab leak repair or large re-piping project, the homeowner is surprised to learn that we also install and repair faucets, toilets, garbage disposals, and more. We are a full-service plumber. What is more, we bring the same level of exactness, care, and cleanliness to every single job we go to – no matter how big or small.

Give us a call and experience our award-winning upfront pricing and customer service! Whether you are a homeowner doing a DIY remodel or a general contractor in need of a licensed plumber.

Bathroom Faucet

Faucet Installation and Repair

Every year, there are more and more faucet style options and designs. Every faucet seems to have a different way it is supposed to be installed and making it work with existing kitchen/bathroom sinks and countertops can be challenging. When it comes to repair, all of these designs make it hard to find the right parts and components.

At Legacy Plumbing we are at the frontlines in homes every day and see faucets in DFW of all shapes and sizes. Our familiarity with new faucets and diverse designs enable us to install your faucet of choice with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets us apart. We have the tools and experience to deal with any complications your installation requires. We have fully outfitted trucks with parts on hand to rebuild about 80% of faucets in our service area. For the odd faucet that is seemingly unidentifiable, we have access to the contacts and resources to locate the correct parts and acquire them in a timely manner.

Toilet Rebuild

Toilet Replacement and Repair

When installing a new toilet, it has to be assembled correctly, it has to have a good base and a flange that meets certain specifications. It often has to be adjusted once it is installed. Every connection has to be tight enough to keep it from leaking for the long term, but if it’s any tighter it may crack the fragile porcelain. At Legacy Plumbing, we install toilets every day and see every complication you can imagine. Instead of doing just enough to keep the toilet working until the installation is past warranty, our standards, and comprehensive installation procedure will take care of both today’s issue and tomorrow’s as well.

Legacy Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals Unjamming and Replacement

Garbage disposals make food prep so convenient! If your garbage disposal stops working, though, it can quickly result in a clogged sink or a leak underneath that can damage the cabinets. At Legacy Plumbing, we have a couple of different options for garbage disposal replacement that we carry on every truck we put on the road. We can also install any disposal you purchase yourself.

When we replace disposals, we make sure it’s done right. We replace the flange every time so that your sink remains leak-free for the long term. We also make any adjustments necessary to the drain piping underneath the sink so that everything flows smoothly and you have fewer stoppages and leaks.


Lavatory faucets can be quickly and affordably updated to bring a fresh look to your bathroom. Outdated designs can make your space appear old or in disrepair. Look for new sleek and simple designs that will accent your tub or sink and the existing design of your bathroom. 

If your bathroom sink is old or just needs to be changed, replacing it will create a fresh clean look in your bathroom. Raised sinks also known as vessel sinks that sit on top of your counter, are a popular contemporary choice. Under mounted sinks and stand alone vanities are also affordable options and keep in line with a more traditional aesthetic.

Exchange your standard showerhead for a rain showerhead. Rain-effect showerheads bring the tranquility of a trip to the spa into your home. In addition to added luxury, many of these showerheads come in eco-friendly versions that conserve water. 

Legacy Plumbing is centrally located to provide fast service to North Dallas and surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for a North Dallas area plumber please call us today or complete our Online Request Form.

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