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Farmers Branch is a proud part of Dallas County and currently has an estimated population of close to 33,000 people. That’s small enough to comfortable, yet big enough to have ample outdoor opportunities, some of which might be spent at the Rose Gardens. Those with a taste for the arts might enjoy a night at The Firehouse Theatre.

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Just like in any other Texas town, the need for a Farmers Branch, Texas plumber can come at the most inopportune time. The good news is that Legacy Plumbing is just a phone call away and has the experience to handle any residential plumbing problem you might have.

Sewer Issues

The origin of any plumbing issue could be sewer or drain-related, with clogged drains often a continuing source of aggravation. That’s because the sewer might be the issue or the pipes have aged to the point that they need to be replaced.

The professionals at Legacy are more than happy to be your plumber in Farmers Branch, which can be a true asset when it comes to these issues. They can determine if tree roots are the problem, and have at their disposal a camera that can help make sure before any work below commences.

Water Heater Repairs

Just as aggravating for a homeowner can be the realization that water heater problems have surfaced. That means no hot water for showers, baths, washing dishes and any other basic concerns.

Attempting to fix such things is something that any Farmers Branch, Texas plumber would recommend because of the inherent danger involved. The experienced personnel at Legacy are ready to help in this area. Learn more about our water heater repair and installation services.

Slab Leak Repair

One of the more ominous signs that a homeowner can see or feel is the presence of flooring cracks, low water pressure and high water bills and hot spots on the floor. That means that a slab leak exists and needs to be addressed quickly.

The issue tends to be more prevalent in our area due to foundation shifts, so it’s important to check for such areas so that the Farmers Branch plumbing experts at Legacy can detect and repair slab leaks.

Gas Line Dangers

Even more concerning can be unpleasant odors that seem to be located in certain areas or maybe enveloping the entire home. You don’t have to be a plumber in Farmers Branch to know that such an issue could lead to major issues and even catastrophe.

Some homes have literally blown up because of problems like these, so it’s imperative to contact your friends at Legacy. They’ll be able to test for a gas leak, detect where the problem exists and either repair it or replace the gas line. Whatever the problem is, handling it quickly will keep you and your family safe.

Plumbing 101

Leaks, repairs, and replacements in a variety of different areas of the home are all things that Legacy plumbers have been rigorously trained to handle. Due to the common nature of problems in this segment of the industry, the trucks they ride in are fully stocked so that virtually any issue can be dealt with during the course of one visit.

When it comes Farmers Branch plumbing issues, many can be handled before they reach the expensive or dangerous range. That’s why Legacy offers a Gold Plan that offers the following important components:

  • Inspecting a home plumbing system every year
  • Priority booking
  • A five percent service discount for every service we offer
  • For every paid repair, no service fees
  • Becoming part of the Referral Fee program

A plumber in Farmers Branch may not be hard to find but finding a plumber that you can trust more than Legacy Plumbing is impossible.

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