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Plumbing Services in Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch, just north of Dallas, is a small town turned big-city suburb — attracting families who want to live close to the city but also enjoy the outdoors, family activities, and year-round entertainment.

We are happy to serve the plumbing needs of this historic 12-square-mile community and its 36,000 residents.

The city was the first settlement in Dallas County, and visitors can learn more about the past 175 years at the Farmers Branch Historical Park’s outdoor museum.

Nowadays, the city is cultivating a reputation for fine dining, a thriving arts scene and lots of family-friendly nature activities such as hiking and biking.

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Did You Know The City Of Farmers Branch Offers Rebates To Residents?

Is your toilet continuously running, or stopping up? Say goodbye to the builder grade toilet and upgrade to a new high efficiency toilet today!

Explore opportunities to save money and conserve water through local municipality incentives available to homeowners.

Toilet Rebate Program

Rebate Information:

  • Rebate available for installing a high-efficiency toilet. Limit two toilets for the lifetime of a residence.
  • Toilet can be customer provided or purchased from Legacy.

Call us today and one of our friendly advocates can assist you with replacement information!

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Plumbing Repairs for Farmers Branch

Homes in Farmers Branch cost more than homes in Dallas, on average $308,000. Nearly 60 percent of residents are homeowners.

About 8 percent of homes are newer, more luxurious builds with large yards and an abundance of square footage. The water, sewer, and gas lines that run through the yard to these structures may require maintenance from time to time — the kind of work Legacy is happy to help with, and you can trust that we know the city codes and that the work will be to your standards.

On the other hand, the median age of the area’s homes is 46 years old, so you’ll find many architecturally interesting mid-century ranches that are in need of kitchen and bathroom updates. Legacy plumbers can help bring your fixtures into this century. We install and repair sinks, toilets, tubs — you name it.

Farmers Branch residents should also be on the lookout for slab leaks, which tend to happen with older homes and with Texas’ soil, which tends to put pressure on underground pipes after periods of rain. Some commonly associated symptoms are flooring cracks, low water pressure, high water bills, or hot spots on the floor. Call Legacy right away because our plumbing experts can detect and repair slab leaks before they cause a huge amount of trouble.

Gas Service in Farmers Branch

Atmos provides natural gas to the town, taking care of the supply pipe up to your gas meter. Any line that runs from the meter to your home is your responsibility.

If you smell a sudden gas leak in or around your home, leave immediately, call 911 and then your provider: Atmos at 888-322-8667

Have you been smelling something odd around certain areas of your home, or maybe all around it? Don’t put it off — even if the odor doesn’t have that “gas” smell, the odor could still be indicative of a gas problem. Call your friends at Legacy today so they can test the gas line for issues and make any needed repairs quickly to keep you and your family safe.

Since most homes in Farmers Branch were built more than 20 years ago, you may be due for a new water heater, especially if you’re starting to notice the signs of an old tank, such as rusty colored water or leaking around the connections.

Legacy Plumbing offers $100 off the second water heater during double water heater installations for first-time customers, and Atmos offers rebates on certain qualifying gas appliances such as furnaces, tankless water heaters and dryers.

Water Service in Farmers Branch

The city Utility Division maintains the city water up to the water meter and sewer lines up to the property line.

The city performs regular monthly tests on the water supply to ensure that it is clean and meets all requirements. Lake water and Trinity River water treated by the city of Dallas is distributed via a pipe network, pump stations and storage facilities before reaching Farmers Branch.

Farmers Branch is under Phase 1 in its drought contingency plan, which means residents should voluntarily seek to limit water use. It asks that residents replace fixtures with WaterSense models that use 20 percent less water — a service that Legacy is happy to provide.

Free ways to save water include turning off the water when brushing your teeth and shortening your shower a minute or so. Here are even more water-saving tips.

And because the city charges more for more water and sewer usage, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your pipes. Look for dripping faucets; listen for running toilets. Leaks can add up on a tiered billing system.

The city asks that you report any water emergencies, such as major water leaks or sewer back-ups, by calling 972-919-2597. They will determine whether it’s the city’s responsibility before you incur a private plumbing expense.

A major cause of plumbing issues is clogged drains, and the city offers advice on keeping grease out of sink drains and garbage disposals. It even has a 24/7 grease collection site at Brookhaven College (by the baseball fields and to the left of the main campus building) where you can toss your fats, oils and grease safely.

However, clogged drains can happen for other reasons, too, including tree roots that have penetrated the sewer line or the fact that the lines are older and need replacing. Our Legacy plumbers have cameras that can help determine the problem before starting any work.

Call Legacy for a Plumber Near Farmers Branch

Pipe leaks, repairs, and replacements are all things that Legacy plumbers have been rigorously trained to handle. Due to the common nature of these plumbing issues, Legacy trucks are fully stocked so our expert plumbers can deal with virtually any issue during the course of one visit.

Most Farmers Branch plumbing issues can be handled before they reach the expensive or dangerous range. Call Legacy today and find your go-to, trustworthy Farmers Branch plumber.

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Taylor Cox with Legacy Plumbing called to let me know he was on his way, arrived on time, went over the installation and repairs I wanted in detail, explained multiple options and pricing, quickly laid out his plan, then started working. He was very courteous and thorough throughout the visit. When his work was finished Taylor asked me to inspect everything to make sure it was completed to my satisfaction. I was very pleased with the work and the amount of time it took. Working with Kris to set up my appointment and get quotes was hassle-free. This is the second time I've had used Legacy Plumbing and I wouldn't hesitate to call them again.