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Dave W
Dave W
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Simply the best experience with Plumbers I have EVER had (Luis and Andrew). Luis, the senior plumber, explained in detail all charges before the work started on 2 leaky faucets. He gave excellent free advice on my water heaters, informing me of lifetime warranties on my Delta faucets and other practical tips that will save me hundreds of dollars going forward. I will use Legacy Plumbing from now on.
Gary E
Gary E
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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, Legacy Plumbing did such a spectacular job for us today, I am willing to gush (nice pun, aye?) ... not only did they repair the spigot to the highest standard and fix something on another spigot, they noticed a broken tree branch on our roof, got a ladder, GOT THE BRANCH, AND HAULED IT AWAY!!! It was a big branch from the recent ice storm. Who does that???!!! This is not a BS endorsement from some family member; this company is the real deal. Customer for life!
Sharon F
Sharon F
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Mike and Hubert just rebuilt the internal workings of my two toilet tanks, as well as replaced the shut off values for both. They were quick to diagnose the problem of the vibration and noise I was experiencing when one of the tanks refilled. They were knowledgeable, proficient and professional. I am very pleased with my service call from Legacy Plumbing. I am going to raise a glass of Chardonnay tonight and toast Mike, Hubert and Legacy Plumbing! Good job!
Michael G
Michael G
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My entire experience with Legacy Plumbing was seamless. In particular, technicians Canon and Mitchell not only completed a water heater replacement with the utmost professionalism but advised on how to mitigate risk for certain unrelated plumbing issues in the future. Such service builds customer loyalty. I would definitely use Legacy Plumbing again.
Stephen B
Stephen B
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I have used Legacy Plumbing for many years and they have always done great work and this time was no exception. I had to have my leaking outside faucet repaired or replaced. Jeremy and Jordan were professional, efficient, and thorough. They explained in detail what needed to be done including the pricing. They were able to replace the faucet without issue. Their quality of work was outstanding. I definitely recommend Legacy Plumbing.

Legacy Plumbing Serves Lewisville

We are proud to serve the community of Lewisville (and Castle Hills) by providing best-in-class plumbing maintenance and repair. On this page is more information and a collection of resources that will help you deal with any plumbing issues you might have as a homeowner or renter.

(Page Last Updated October, 2020. Contact the City of Lewisville for the latest information.)

Common Issues

The vast majority of the homes in Lewisville have a concrete slab foundation, although homes built in the mid 60’s and earlier have a much higher likelihood of having a crawl space under a pier and beam foundation.

Lewisville has many homes (almost 50%) built between 1960 and 1980. In addition to the usual plumbing wear and tear you would expect with older homes, there are some common issues we run into with homes of this age.

One is cast iron sewer piping. Cast iron is heavy, quiet, and durable when first installed, but over time it starts to rust away and fall apart. This is accelerated by liquid drain cleaners and detergents that are put down the drain. See our page on drain line replacement for more information.

Like some other cities in our service area, parts of Lewisville (especially Castle Hills) experience high water pressure. Water pressure to the home should be between 40 and 80 PSI per plumbing code. If the pressure is higher than that, it will put more wear and tear on the fixtures and elevate the risk of water leaks and damages. The way to resolve this issue is to install a Pressure Reducing Valve on the main waterline serving the home and a thermal expansion tank on the water heater.

Shifting foundations are also a common problem in Lewisville. Older, mature trees near the house often exacerbate this issue by depleting the soil of water and changing its composition. When the foundation moves, it very often damages the water and sewer pipes that are run underneath it. If you have questions about your foundation, read this article for more information about what to expect.

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The city of Lewisville charges for both water usage and sewer treatment of wastewater that goes down the drain. They actually only measure the water usage with the residence’s water meter. They estimate the sewer usage based on the measured water usage. Because you water your lawn and this doesn’t go into the sewer system, they take an average of your water usage during the winter months to estimate what the sewer charge should be throughout the year.

Many people in Lewisville don’t know that if they have a large plumbing leak that will significantly increase the water bill, they can contact the city and get a “leak adjustment” to save some money on that bill. Read more about it on their website.

In addition, if you think you may have a leak but aren’t sure whether it is on the city’s side or whether it is your responsibility, you can call Lewisville and they will send someone out to check for you. If the leak is intermittent, they may not be able to give you definitive answers. They also aren’t allowed to enter the home to diagnose any particular issues. Give Legacy Plumbing a call, and we can perform a thorough leak test and diagnosis on your system.

Update January 2020: Lewisville announced that they are starting a 4-year project to replace the residential water meters across the city. They have contracted HydroPro Solutions to oversee this process. The actual meter replacements will be done by contractors in marked vehicles Monday-Friday from 7:30 to 5:30. See this Q&A the city published for more details or reach out to the utility department. Once the replacement is complete, you may notice your water bill increase. If this happens, it is most likely because your old meter was under-reporting your actual water usage.

Update October 2020: The city of Lewisville just announced that they will be raising the utility rates for the city. Currently, Lewisville enjoys one of the lower utility rates in the North DFW area, but now the average monthly bill is expected to go up approximately $4.00. They are switching to an “inclining block rate structure” which basically charges a higher rate for residents who use more water and a lower rate for those who use less.

Gas Service in Lewisville

Lewisville primarily uses Atmos as its natural gas provider. Most of the time, the gas meter is behind the house in the alley. Sometimes, it is right along the side of the house as well. The gas meter is typically the size of a backpack and is painted gray or green.

Atmos is responsible for the gas supply pipe up to the gas meter itself. Anything after that, including the line that runs through your yard is your responsibility. If they find a gas leak on the piping of your system, they will probably turn off the home’s gas supply at the meter until you can get it fixed by a licensed plumber.

Give us a call if you have any questions about gas leak detection and repair on your system

Water Restrictions

In 2014, the City of Lewisville began to implement year-round water usage restrictions. Learn all about the water saving restrictions here at their website.

In essence, water customers are only allowed to water their lawn and landscape for two assigned days each week. Also, during the hot summer months, watering during the day between 10:00 and 6:00 is not allowed.

These are similar restrictions to those currently practiced by the City of Dallas and other surrounding cities. In fact, one of the suppliers of Lewisville water is Dallas Water Utilities, and Lewisville is required to be consistent with their standards. Contact the utility department for any requested variance from these rules.

Sewer Stoppages

Lewisville used to provide the service of cleaning out residential sewer main lines. That stopped in March, 2013. After that time, homeowners need to contact plumbers in order to clear stoppages on the main sewer service line. If you have issues with frequent stoppages, we can diagnose the sewer service line with a video camera inspection to determine if there are any breaks on the sewer line. Anything after the point where your sewer line connects to the main city sewer line in the street or alley is still the city’s responsibility, though.

Lewisville Water

The City of Lewisville gets its water from Lake Lewisville. It processes this water at its own water treatment plant. Its capacity is over twenty million gallons each day. Lewisville also purchases water from Dallas Water Utilities to supplement its supply. The total system capacity of Lewisville is over fifty million gallons per day! You can monitor the fullness of local water reservoirs here at this website.

Lewisville prides itself on good quality water. You can look over all of the water quality reports here. Like most of the North Texas area, Lewisville has hard water with lots of dissolved minerals. The average hardness measurement is 125.7 PPM.

Here is an overview from their website of the water treatment process. Also, here is an overview of the wastewater treatment process as well.

Plumbing Code

Most cities in North Texas have adopted the International Plumbing Code (IPC). A new edition is put forth every three years by the International Code Council. Different cities adopt different versions of this code, though. On top of that, most cities have special “code amendments” that they add to the standardized code.

The City of Lewisville (along with many cities in our service area) are members of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. This organization helps standardize things like plumbing code across the different cities. Lewisville has mostly adhered to the NCTCOG’s recommendations, but you can find their official list of adopted codes here. You can also find the specific document of code amendments here.

In addition to the officially published code and code amendments, cities like Lewisville can vary greatly in the details of plumbing code enforcement. At Legacy Plumbing, we do things by-the-book to keep you and your home safe. We keep in touch with the City of Lewisville and continually update our list of their specific code requirements for services like water heater replacement, etc…

For many different plumbing projects, you are required to “pull a permit” from the city building inspections office and have an inspection performed by a third party to verify code compliance. We are registered with the City of Lewisville and stay up to date on all the latest procedures and regulations.

Lewisville and Castle Hills

Currently, the community of Castle Hills is not officially annexed to the City of Lewisville. We pull permits and schedule inspections for Castle Hills differently than we do for Lewisville. However, the plans to fully annex Castle Hills to Lewisville are already underway with expectations of this happening as early as December, 2021. You can read about the project and see a list of frequently asked questions here on this page. We will continue to monitor this development to stay up to date on all of the rules and regulations that affect the plumbing industry.

Multifamily Plumbing for Landlords

One thing that is notable about Lewisville demographics is the percentage of residents that are renters. Almost 58% of Lewisville residents rent houses or live in multifamily units. Compare that to the 40% average for DFW.

At Legacy Plumbing, we make it easier to manage plumbing repairs as a landlord. Once our technicians are onsite, we can go over all of the options related to the issue over the phone or via text message and get your approval before we begin the work. We are clear and flexible in communication and can send you photos of the issue while onsite. Once the work is complete, we can step you through the process in as much detail as you desire, and you can have the peace of mind that everything was done right.

We also offer the Legacy Gold Plan for savings and convenience. Once you purchase the Gold Plan for your property, we will perform a thorough inspection of all the plumbing we can visually assess. A thorough report with recommendations will be sent to you, so you can avoid surprises down the road. In addition to the inspection, the Gold Plan waives the service fee for every visit during the next 12 months and gives an automatic 5% discount for all work done. See the webpage linked above for complete details.

If you are a renter moving into Lewisville, be sure to get with your landlord and get clarity regarding the process of handling plumbing issues before they arise.

Water Saving Credits

Old fixtures use more water. New fixtures use less. In order to help save water usage across the city, Lewisville has a Water Credit Program that can save you up to $375.00 per year from your utility bills if you upgrade your plumbing fixtures to new ones that follow the EPA’s Watersense Certification. Read the full list on their website, but here are two highlighted credits:

Low Flow Toilet Credit:

  • Up to $50 credit for each toilet.
  • Limited to three for the lifetime of the residence.
  • House must have been built before the end of 2005.
  • Approved toilets must be 1.28 GPM or less and WaterSense certified.
  • The toilet being replaced must flush at a rate of 2 gallons or more.

Low Flow Shower Head Credit:

  • Up to a $30 credit for qualifying showerheads.
  • Limited to three showerheads for the lifetime of the residence.
  • Must be WaterSense certified.
  • Showerheads being purchased must use 1.75 GPM or less.

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