Gas Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Do You Need a New Gas Water Heater?

You woke up this morning to an ice-cold shower and a pilot light that won’t stay lit. You can’t remember the last time you had anyone out to maintain your tank. Is it over for your current gas water heater?

Not necessarily! Legacy Plumbing can repair and perform maintenance on any model of gas water heater in the Frisco and DFW metro areas.

So even if your gas water heater is old and out of warranty, give us a call. You may just need a repair or maintenance, and we will always give you an honest course of action that fits your budget and needs.

Signs You May Be Able to Repair Your Gas Water Heater

The most common gas water heater issues can be broken down into two categories:


Check the pilot light first. If your pilot light is off, try to relight it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you can’t relight it or if it doesn’t stay lit, the problem is almost always a defective thermocouple or gas control valve.


What the problem could be: There are a few different reasons this could be happening, including a water heater that is too small for your home’s demands, a faulty or disconnected dip tube inside the tank, erroneous temperature setting, or sediment in the bottom of the tank.

Fixing your gas water heater may be as simple as replacing a part or two. Valves, thermostats, thermocouples, igniters, and motors are all common gas water heater repairs. Our team can help you figure out if a repair makes sense for you.

Signs You May Need to Replace Your Gas Water Heater

What’s that leak? Why is my water tinted? There are often more symptoms of a bad water heater than just “hot or cold”, “pilot or no pilot”. Here are some telltale signs you may need a new gas water heater.


On average, natural gas water heaters around the DFW area last about 10-12 years, and you should have it flushed at least once a year. If you can’t remember when you purchased your gas water heater or the last time it was serviced and it’s acting up, you may want to consider a replacement. Check the manufacturer tag on the tank and look up the serial number. That should tell you the date the tank was built.


Often, a sign of trouble is seeing a significantly larger bill when you haven’t used more water. There may be a leak somewhere or other inefficiencies, so it’s time to consider a new heater.


If the gas water heater tank itself is leaking, that cannot be repaired. You must replace it.


If your water is red or brown tinted when you turn the faucet, this is an indication of a bad tank. Chances are there is internal corrosion causing the tank to rust.

We Install Energy Efficient Gas Water Heaters

  • Available in 40 and 50-gallon nominal capacity
  • Tall and Short models available
  • 40,000 BTU input
  • Electronic gas control valve that provides precise temperature control and operational status
  • High Flow Brass Drain Valve
  • Self-cleaning Dip Tube helps reduce sediment build-up
    and maintain efficiency
  • Glass-lined tank with anode rod protects against corrosion
  • “Environmentally-Friendly” Non-CFC foam insulation
  • Piezo igniter allows for easy “one-hand” pilot ignition
    without matches
  • Factory-installed PEX polymer lined heat trap nipples
  • Factory-installed temperature & pressure (T&P) relief valve

We are a Reliance Authorized Professional Contractor. This means we only install Reliance gas water heaters. They meet our guidance for energy efficiency, safety and an extremely low failure rate.

The Reliance gas water heaters we offer are manufactured with higher-grade components and are more trustworthy than water heaters available to you at big box stores. Additionally, Reliance products are engineered to heat more water at a lower annual energy cost.


– 9 year tank and parts limited warranty with Reliance –

– 4 year labor limited warranty with Legacy Plumbing –

Legacy is not like other companies. Other companies often give a warranty from one to three years, and sub out their warranties to third parties. At Legacy, we stand behind our installations and perform all required warranty service with parts readily available on our trucks.


We also have the option to upgrade our water heater with a kit that provides a 12-year tank-and-part warranty (from Reliance) with an upgraded 6-year labor warranty (from Legacy). This kit comes with an additional premium-grade magnesium anode rod which we install onsite that will extend the life of your water heater’s tank.


When Legacy Plumbing installs your Reliance gas water heater, we will automatically upgrade your system with:

  • New Water Supply Lines
  • New Gas Supply Lines
  • New Gas Sediment Trap
  • New Water Shut Off Valve

PLUS: We’ll verify code upgrades with your city’s requirements and secure a permit for installation. We’ll also haul away your old water heater.

Legacy Plumbing is centrally located to provide fast service to North Dallas and surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for a North Dallas area plumber please call us today or complete our Online Request Form.

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