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With a population of roughly 16,000 people, the suburban Dallas town of Highland Village may be much smaller than its nearby neighbor but the residents of this community are proud to call it home. The residences that they live in are ones that they make every effort to maintain on a daily basis.

On some occasions, the need for a Highland Village plumber becomes necessary due to unforeseen issues that develop or the need to replace aging infrastructure. When plumbing in Highland Village TX becomes a problem, it’s comforting to know that Legacy Plumbing is able to handle any concern that surfaces.

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Your Legacy plumber in Highland Village TX knows how to handle simple problems like annoying drips that waste water and cost you money. We can also do much more than pour a chemical into a hole that improves your drain flow or use a toilet plunger to fix a problem.

Plumbing Services in Highland Village

  • Fixing and Replacing Water Heaters: Having hot water for showers, laundry and dishwashing are very often taken for granted because a water heater is in good working order. However, breakdowns can occur and wear-and-tear will inevitably take place, which is why it’s comforting to know that your Highland Village plumber from Legacy is a phone call away
  • Dealing with Leaking Slabs: The confusion you feel when you’re getting lower water pressure or your water bills suddenly rise can be the onset of issues related to your slab. Getting in this area is virtually impossible for the average person, but your Legacy plumber in Highland Village TX has extensive experience in knowing how to handle the problem.
  • Handling Sewer and Gas Line Issues: The messy nature of sewer problems and addressing a leaking gas line are facts of life when dealing with plumbing in Highland Village TX. Few people want to address the former and deal with the latter is dangerous, which is why letting us handle such concerns makes so much sense.

Legacy Plumbing is a trusted plumber in Highland Village, Texas that more and more residents are growing to trust. So when the time comes when your plumbing is causing you concern, contact us right away. 


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Legacy Plumbing provides residential and commercial plumbing services to the residents and businesses in Hickory Creek, Texas.

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Logan, Thank you for your professionalism, consideration, integrity, and genuineness. Deb and I truly felt you had our best interest at heart. You were very thorough in your assessment of our situation and your presentation to resolve it. You put our concerns to rest and in light of our experience with a prior plumbing company, this was no small task. We had been using the services of another plumbing company for over 35 years but in the last couple of years, we had grown concerned with their business practices and service. Installation and quality of workmanship were excellent. You took invaluable time to go over details in the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. Again, such professionalism and consideration! Such a servant's heart! You and your workmanship are such a great testimony for Legacy Plumbing!
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We just had another very satisfying experience with Legacy Plumbing. This time it was with Enoch, who just left our house after repairing a blocked toilet, installing a new PVC flange and resetting the toilet, which was rocking slightly, exposing us to a potential leak. Enoch was extremely professional, polite, considerate, and knowledgeable. He explained our toilet problems well and shared several money-saving tips concerning other plumbing issues we were experiencing. We will always call on Legacy for our plumbing needs.
John & Suzanne of Plano
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Cole was our tech that replaced our faucets and repaired the outside water leak from the water hose. He was very professional and efficient. We give him 5 stars. He's an asset to this company.