Comprehensive Water Leak Detection

Whether you are facing a water leak emergency or suspect a slow leak via your water bill, Legacy Plumbing can diagnose problems, often in the same day.

Stepping onto wet carpet first thing in the morning is not a good way to start the day. If you notice water damage in your home or a saturated spot in the yard, Legacy plumbing is here to help! Sometimes, water leaks make themselves obvious with visible wetness in a certain area – such as a corner of the drywall. Other times, your only clue may be a high water bill or a hissing/dripping sound in the wall.

However elusive the evidence may be, Legacy Plumbing is equipped with the tools and training to deal with any water leak you may have.

Yard Leak Detection​

Step 1

The first step in addressing standing water in the yard is to determine if it is a problem with the main water line itself. A yard leak may be caused by or more minor issue with the in-ground irrigation system. Legacy Plumbing does not service irrigation systems, so call your preferred sprinkler repair contractor if this is the case.

Step 3

The next step depends on where the evidence leads and your situation. Legacy Plumbing may end up tracing the path of the main water line to see exactly how it runs through the yard. We may deploy pipe cameras, listening equipment, and air tests to inspect problem areas and pinpoint slow leaks.

Step 2

Once it has been verified that the leak is on the potable water system, the next step is to verify that it is the line running through the yard and not a water line underneath the house or some other source. This may involve a hydrostatic pressure test or installing an isolation valve at the point where the water line runs under the slab foundation.

Step 4

After gathering enough non-intrusive evidence, it is time to start digging! Usually, using our diagnosis methods and tools, we are able to pinpoint very near the leaky pipe before a shovel ever hits the ground. This saves you money in excavation fees and minimizes the impact on your lawn/landscaping.

Leaks Inside the House

Leaks Below the Slab

When the leak is on a water pipe that runs under the slab foundation, this is called a slab leak. Sometimes, slab leaks can result in water coming up through the floor of the home. While water damage may be inside the house, the repair procedure follows the slab leak methodology. Check out our service page on Slab Leaks for more information.

Leaks Above the Slab

However, if the leak is on a water or sewer pipe above the slab, then the repair is much more straightforward. Usually, the only access that is required for these repairs is the removal and replacement of some drywall. The key is finding and repairing the leak while doing the least amount of damage as possible. The last thing you want is an unnecessary hole in your wall!

Legacy Plumbing deploys different methods and tools to get as close as possible before making a sheetrock penetration. We use line tracing equipment, and hydrostatic pressure tests to lead us to the convergence of all available evidence. Next, our team’s knowledge and experience with plumbing fixtures and systems will deliver a solution. We strongly emphasize clarity in communication throughout this process. We can break down our methods and any available options so that you are in control throughout the entire process.

We will not only be able to diagnose this properly to see exactly what is going on, we can handle any repairs that need to be made as well so that this doesn’t happen again.

Our Work is Our Word.

Water Leaks
Legacy plumbing is always our first choice when we need any plumbing repairs. We have been their customers for over 3 years. They are professional, prompt and knowledgeable. We just had a leak in the garage and bathroom caused by the snow storm, Luis and Steven came sooner than expected and started working on it immediately. They both explained what they will do and the charges. They both are professional and pleasant. We appreciate their hard work very much!
Hua Jin
Water Leaks
Steven from Legacy Plumbing was able to come out the same day I called and was able to quickly fix my leak under the sink. He also took the time to show me how to turn the water off at the street if I ever have another uncontrollable leak. He was professional, efficient, and thorough. Legacy Plumbing was also able to give me reasonable quotes over the phone so there were no surprise charges. Steven from Legacy Plumbing is now my plumber for everything! I definitely recommend Legacy Plumbing!
Carol Cotton
Water Leaks
After a week of adjusting to working from home due to the Covid-19, I discovered I had a leak in my front flower bed. I called Legacy Plumbing and was fortunate to be able to get an appointment the next day Friday 27th. I can't say enough about Legacy Plumbing... Sam was so great and working diligently to discover I had a small leak in the pipe coming into my house explaining everything as he went along. He also scheduled to have a new water heater installed the same day and along came Wayne & Gerald who were excellent in taking care of installing a new one. What started as a stressful day ended up being a very pleasant experience and the three of them were so pleasant and a joy to have in the house. Their integrity, demeanor, and work ethic were exceptional.
Eve Kirk
Water Leaks
I am so grateful for the experienced and customer-focused staff at Legacy Plumbing and will recommend them to my family, friends and colleagues. My pipe bursted during the freeze and was unable to get a plumber out to fix it until March 22, 2021. I was frustrated and concerned dealing with the uncertainty of the plumbing cost and the extent of the work. I received 3 quotes and decided to go with Legacy Plumbing. I am thankful to Eric, Enoch, Wayne and Adam for their professionalism, guidance and expertise throughout the decision-making plumbing process. Eric took the time to explain my concern, Enoch followed-up with a phone call and gave me guidance and Wayne and Adam demonstrated their expertise, knowledge, and fixed the plumbing issue. I was impressed with the excellent customer service I received from the time I called Legacy to the time the plumbing job was completed. Wayne and Adam worked tirelessly and while also taking the time to explain the plumbing issue to me. I was impressed that they were able to complete the complex plumbing job in one day during the heavy rain. I will ensure that I refer Legacy Plumbing to anyone who needs plumbing repair. All employees demonstrated their knowledge and commitment to ensure their customer needs are met. To the owner, Theron, thank you for employing a professional, knowledgeable and customer-friendly staff. I am grateful to everyone that I encountered and my special thanks to Wayne and Adam who completed the difficult task.
Corena Araneta
Water Leaks
Thank you Legacy Plumbing! A big wet mess began the first week of August. Awful! Two different plumbing companies were contacted and came out to handle the issue(s) for us. We were not pleased with their service and the situation remained, with additional “flooding issues” from a small 1/2 bath. Almost $900 into this ordeal, flooding reoccurring and with only new wall water turn off added, potty pulled and reset crooked and a cleanout on one of the exterior places, not even checking the other 3. Their camera did not show any problem. Thank goodness my annual Best Pick Reports arrived in the mail and I read up on the best of the best plumbing companies. I read all 5 recommendations and selected Legacy Plumbing on gut instinct. There are so many good things to say about Legacy. First, the polite, informed and helpful office staff as well as the experienced, great men they send to the job. My situation was a tough fix. From the beginning I was kept informed of the steps being taken, the time proposed time frame, etc. Each person I dealt with, whether by phone or in person, was polite, professional yet friendly, super knowledgeable, and with excellent people skills and attitudes to match. I would rate Legacy Plumbing 10 Stars, 5 is not high enough! Legacy Plumbing will be my go-to plumbing company forever. Our situation was not a normal one and required extensive repair work. We met different plumbers for the separate “fixes” of this issue. We would like to thank Sean Reecer and “THE specialist”, Wayne. Wayne kept us informed of each step as well as the way to fix the problem once all diagnostic procedures were performed. Both these men had young apprentices watching, helping, learning that worked with them in our home. Our thank you’s also to Gerald, James and Alex. How could all of these be great? Do not know but they were. All so professional with good people skills along with their plumbing knowledge. A big, nasty job repaired by a first-class company that cares about their customers. We are customers for life. THANK YOU all! Legacy Plumbing and Theron, you are the real deal!
Connie W.