Comprehensive Water Leak Detection

Whether you are facing a water leak emergency or suspect a slow leak via your water bill, Legacy Plumbing can diagnose problems, often in the same day.

Stepping onto wet carpet first thing in the morning is not a good way to start the day. If you notice water damage in your home or a saturated spot in the yard, Legacy plumbing is here to help! Sometimes, water leaks make themselves obvious with visible wetness in a certain area – such as a corner of the drywall. Other times, your only clue may be a high water bill or a hissing/dripping sound in the wall.

However elusive the evidence may be, Legacy Plumbing is equipped with the tools and training to deal with any water leak you may have.

Yard Leak Detection​

Step 1

The first step in addressing standing water in the yard is to determine if it is a problem with the main water line itself. A yard leak may be caused by or more minor issue with the in-ground irrigation system. Legacy Plumbing does not service irrigation systems, so call your preferred sprinkler repair contractor if this is the case.

Step 3

The next step depends on where the evidence leads and your situation. Legacy Plumbing may end up tracing the path of the main water line to see exactly how it runs through the yard. We may deploy pipe cameras, listening equipment, and air tests to inspect problem areas and pinpoint slow leaks.

Step 2

Once it has been verified that the leak is on the potable water system, the next step is to verify that it is the line running through the yard and not a water line underneath the house or some other source. This may involve a hydrostatic pressure test or installing an isolation valve at the point where the water line runs under the slab foundation.

Step 4

After gathering enough non-intrusive evidence, it is time to start digging! Usually, using our diagnosis methods and tools, we are able to pinpoint very near the leaky pipe before a shovel ever hits the ground. This saves you money in excavation fees and minimizes the impact on your lawn/landscaping.

Leaks Inside the House

Leaks Below the Slab

When the leak is on a water pipe that runs under the slab foundation, this is called a slab leak. Sometimes, slab leaks can result in water coming up through the floor of the home. While water damage may be inside the house, the repair procedure follows the slab leak methodology. Check out our service page on Slab Leaks for more information.

Leaks Above the Slab

However, if the leak is on a water or sewer pipe above the slab, then the repair is much more straightforward. Usually, the only access that is required for these repairs is the removal and replacement of some drywall. The key is finding and repairing the leak while doing the least amount of damage as possible. The last thing you want is an unnecessary hole in your wall!

Legacy Plumbing deploys different methods and tools to get as close as possible before making a sheetrock penetration. We use line tracing equipment, and hydrostatic pressure tests to lead us to the convergence of all available evidence. Next, our team’s knowledge and experience with plumbing fixtures and systems will deliver a solution. We strongly emphasize clarity in communication throughout this process. We can break down our methods and any available options so that you are in control throughout the entire process.

We will not only be able to diagnose this properly to see exactly what is going on, we can handle any repairs that need to be made as well so that this doesn’t happen again.

Legacy Plumbing is centrally located to provide fast service to North Dallas and surrounding suburbs. If you are looking for a North Dallas area plumber please call us today or complete our Online Request Form.

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