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Dave W
Dave W
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Simply the best experience with Plumbers I have EVER had (Luis and Andrew). Luis, the senior plumber, explained in detail all charges before the work started on 2 leaky faucets. He gave excellent free advice on my water heaters, informing me of lifetime warranties on my Delta faucets and other practical tips that will save me hundreds of dollars going forward. I will use Legacy Plumbing from now on.
Gary E
Gary E
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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, Legacy Plumbing did such a spectacular job for us today, I am willing to gush (nice pun, aye?) ... not only did they repair the spigot to the highest standard and fix something on another spigot, they noticed a broken tree branch on our roof, got a ladder, GOT THE BRANCH, AND HAULED IT AWAY!!! It was a big branch from the recent ice storm. Who does that???!!! This is not a BS endorsement from some family member; this company is the real deal. Customer for life!
Sharon F
Sharon F
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Mike and Hubert just rebuilt the internal workings of my two toilet tanks, as well as replaced the shut off values for both. They were quick to diagnose the problem of the vibration and noise I was experiencing when one of the tanks refilled. They were knowledgeable, proficient and professional. I am very pleased with my service call from Legacy Plumbing. I am going to raise a glass of Chardonnay tonight and toast Mike, Hubert and Legacy Plumbing! Good job!
Michael G
Michael G
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My entire experience with Legacy Plumbing was seamless. In particular, technicians Canon and Mitchell not only completed a water heater replacement with the utmost professionalism but advised on how to mitigate risk for certain unrelated plumbing issues in the future. Such service builds customer loyalty. I would definitely use Legacy Plumbing again.
Stephen B
Stephen B
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I have used Legacy Plumbing for many years and they have always done great work and this time was no exception. I had to have my leaking outside faucet repaired or replaced. Jeremy and Jordan were professional, efficient, and thorough. They explained in detail what needed to be done including the pricing. They were able to replace the faucet without issue. Their quality of work was outstanding. I definitely recommend Legacy Plumbing.


There are many differences between hiring an established company like Legacy, vs. a plumber in McKinney who may operate on his own or with an apprentice. While several plumbers on our team live in the city limits of McKinney, TX, the similarities may end there.

We have master plumbers on our team and licensed technicians that are well-versed in code and permit requirements in McKinney, TX. Legacy has experience handling complex problems, from sewer line breaks to slab leaks to water heater installation. Trust in Legacy for major pipe repairs to clogged drains to sewer line inspections.

The Legacy Plumbing Difference

A common attitude of a McKinney plumber is “I’ll get to your repair when I can”, only to never follow up weeks later. If you are tired of poor communication, experience a professional plumbing service and get on the schedule. An even worse issue our technicians detect is unnecessary plumbing repairs. A water heater that has seen frequent repairs when it would save money in the long run to replace. Or frequent drain clogs or sewer line backups that indicate a larger problem. Our goal is to do the job right the first time and walk customers through all options. We avoid bandaid plumbing repairs that will lead to more problems in the future.

Legacy Plumbing can perform an annual inspection, helping you avoid repairs. An annual look is covered under our Gold Legacy Plan, as is priority booking and a 5% discount should we find any fixes that are necessary.

Legacy has even more discounts available to McKinney residents and first-time customers — check out our promotions page for details.

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McKinney, TX a thriving city 30 miles north of Dallas, has grown nearly ten-fold as a result of national media coverage about the community’s welcoming atmosphere. This massive growth has led to a real estate boom, as well as upgrades to the city’s existing homes.

Underneath it all are the drains and pipes — gas, water, sewage — that ties it together. Legacy is happy to be a plumber  to McKinney’s 200,000-plus residents, sharing our extensive experience in installation and repair.

We look forward to serving McKinney TX from nearby Frisco and offer a free service call for new customers. Our team and crew are doing more and more jobs in the area, look for our trucks in your neighborhood.


Nearly three-quarters of McKinney residents are homeowners. Of these homeowners, 65 percent have a college degree and 38 percent are married with kids.

With these demographics, 3- to 4-bedroom single-family homes in the mid-$400,000s range are common. These homes are newer, larger and more expensive than houses in Dallas, and typically have a more complex sewer and water system.

Nearly all McKinney homes are newer construction, with 67 percent of houses being built after 2000, giving the city a very contemporary look.

Current home buyers are searching for bigger yards and lots, as well as swimming pools. All of the above require more utility pipes and water hookups on the property, all of which may require maintenance.

New construction sounds good in theory — fewer repairs, right? But this isn’t necessarily the case. Some builders try to save money by hiring unqualified workers or using builder grade materials and appliances. This often leads to poor installations of everything from faucets to water heaters.

Plumbing Services for McKinney Homes

Give Legacy a call if you suspect that your pipes, drains or water heater isn’t working properly — these problems can escalate quickly if you’re not vigilant.


Natural gas issues are rarely at the forefront of our minds — until something is amiss.


If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of gas exposure or are concerned that there may be a leak in your system, Legacy can perform a gas static test to alleviate any worries.

On the emergency end, if you suddenly smell a lot of gas around your home, it’s time to leave and call 911. Then call your gas provider (either Coserv or Atmos) to figure out who is responsible for fixing the leak. Usually you are responsible for any leak that runs from the meter to your home.

Legacy can repair or replace the line for you, taking care of everything from start to finish, from excavation to city permits. We will walk you through the process so you won’t come across any surprises.

Speaking of the gas lines, check with us about getting a new gas water heater. You could qualify for a discount through us as well as a possible rebate through Atmos.


Like most cities in the DFW area, McKinney TX is concerned about water conservation and takes great care to ensure residents are doing their part to maintain the water system into the future.

North Texas Municipal Water District provides the city’s water, and the city then takes daily samples to ensure water quality. The city takes pride in its Superior water rating.

No watering is allowed to take place between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Refusing to follow the schedule without a new-landscaping variance can result in fines and eventual water shut-off.)

As an incentive to conserve water, McKinney residents are able to receive as much as a $150 rebate on the purchase of an ET controller and/or rain and freeze sensor. This upgrades any irrigation system built before September 1, 2007. (Legacy does not service irrigation equipment. We recommend contacting a licensed irrigation company.)

Water leaks between the meter and your home are up to you to fix — and you can call on Legacy to do a water/sewer line check and repair. The city does offer a courtesy credit for leaks to customers who qualify, as water leaks are known to pull a number on your pocketbook.

The city is also in the midst of a multiyear effort to replace more than 14,000 copper water service lines with more durable poly pipes. These lines connect the water distribution to your water meters. You’ll receive notice on your door when the city is coming to your area.

McKinney Plumbers Nearby

Plumbing repairs, replacements and installations are all issues that can be handled by our team of licensed professionals. We offer expert plumbing services with a team of local plumbers who provides thorough fixes to ensure your safety and comfort from your plumbing system, sewer lines or tankless water heaters..

Call Legacy at 972-632-5412 or fill out our easy online form. Contact us today, and we get started fixing your plumbing problems.

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