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Our Work is Our Word.

As a first time customer, thanks so much for coming right out for a leak I was having. Sean Reecer was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I appreciate the upfront pricing from the initial call and Sean also offering up the prices for repairs. I will definitely use Legacy Plumbing again!
Beth - Plano
Slab Leak
The past freezing temperatures burst a water pipe in our garage. Plumbing services were in great demand, but Legacy sent a technician within ten days. Johnny O. was thorough and patiently answered all our questions. After the pipe was fixed, he checked the water pressure inspecting for possible leaks in all the faucets, bathrooms, and washing machine. He found a leak in the kitchen sink due to a cracked drain but not another broken pipe. Johnny went to work and quickly fixed this, too. We feel fortunate to have been served by Johnny. Legacy Plumbing is truly a stellar company, and Johnny is an awesome asset.
Nancy and Eric
Absolutely blown away by Legacy Plumbing’s professionalism, honesty, knowledge, customer service, and quality of work!! Our expansion tank was literally leaking water everywhere so the situation was dire. I did what I could to stop water and called Legacy as a new customer. Enoch was at my door within 30 minutes of the call and ready to assess and attack the problem. Thank you Clifton for your quick thinking and response time and Enoch for fixing problems with integrity!! Well done gentlemen! I highly recommend and trust Legacy Plumbing!
Chad Hortenstine
Emergency Plumber
Enoch provided EXCELLENT service! He explained to me that the chlorine tabs that I was putting in the toilet tank to keep the toilet bowl clean were actually eating away the rubber gaskets and seals inside the tank, and that's why it was now leaking! Live and Learn! 🙂 Enoch was super helpful, very professional, and really pleasant to talk to! I will definitely ask for him personally next time I need someone to come out. I give Enoch 5-Stars!
A Corbell
General Plumbing
Luis was very professional, tidy, and courteous when performing work in our home. After replacing a leaking pipe, he replaced a couple of shower and bathroom faucets that were in need of repair. Luis even inspected our hot water heater and recommended some improvements that we didn't notice. He made us feel like he cared about our home. Whenever we call on Legacy, the team there is always transparent and never tries to take advantage of the situation. We've learned to never call anyone but Legacy to handle our plumbing needs. Thank you!
Gary Gadson
Homepage Testimonials
Legacy Plumbing and their staff are the best! Very helpful and so full of knowledge. I have had them out to our house a few times over the last 3-4 years and every time they explain things thoroughly before performing any work. I wish I could give you more names but the last technician to come to the house was Luis and he was so nice and explained things so well. Every technician we have had gave us options and suggestions that helped me to make the best decision for my family. I have made appointments and they are very prompt with phone when they are on the way. I highly recommend Legacy Plumbing!
Pam Bostwick
General Plumbing
We discovered on Sunday (labor day weekend) we suddenly had heated floors in in the laundry room - nice. Also the cold water faucets in the kitchen and laundry room provided warm water. Yes, a water-leak in the slab. Called Legacy plumbing and got a call back very quickly that went through the options for the reasons and the pricing for the possible scenarios. Kelly McGinn and his colleague(sorry, not good with names) came on Tuesday morning after labor day and diagnosed the problem and fixed the leak. A 1/8" hole in one of the hot water pipe, in the slab. A few hours later it was all fixed and at a fair price - Not the first time over the years that Legacy Plumbing, Kyle and team help us with plumbing issues. All the dry wall, wood etc was put back in place and it was cleaner than before. Thanks - keep up the great work. Sten and Nancy Andersson
Sten and Nancy Andersson
Logan, Thank you for your professionalism, consideration, integrity, and genuineness. Deb and I truly felt you had our best interest at heart. You were very thorough in your assessment of our situation and your presentation to resolve it. You put our concerns to rest and in light of our experience with a prior plumbing company, this was no small task. We had been using the services of another plumbing company for over 35 years but in the last couple of years, we had grown concerned with their business practices and service. Installation and quality of workmanship were excellent. You took invaluable time to go over details in the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. Again, such professionalism and consideration! Such a servant's heart! You and your workmanship are such a great testimony for Legacy Plumbing!
General Plumbing
As always, I had a fantastic experience with Legacy Plumbing. Johnny Olivera and his assist tech, Steven, came out to replace my water heaters on Sat. 2/27. They arrived within the scheduled window, called first and ensured they came in our home safe (wearing masks) and clean (with shoe booties). Both gentlemen were very professional, explained everything to me in advance, verified cost estimates and ensured I had all of my questions answered. Their work was done impeccably and I couldn’t be more pleased. Johnny and Steven were very pleasant to work with and I would recommend them and Legacy to others with plumbing needs. Thank you.
Don Fordiani
One of your service staff, Taylor Cox, came to my home today to repair some plumbing problems I have had. I cannot say all the qualities that this young man showed to me, which were many outstanding characteristics in his expert work in fixing my plumbing problems. I highly recommend him, not only for his pleasing personality but the expertise he demonstrated while attending to my plumbing repairs. I congratulate your company for hiring such a man as Taylor, and because of his due diligence in the performance of his work, he has made my decision to obtain a contract with your company, assuming that all your other servicemen in your plumbing department will be the caliber of Taylor Cox.
Frances Foster
General Plumbing
I had Luis come over today to fix an outdoor faucet that was leaking. He was very friendly, very professional, and explained to me everything that he was doing as he did it. He also gave me information and know-how on how to fix it by myself next time, if I wanted to. He also offered a complimentary inspection of my garbage disposal unit and my water heater. Good thing he did, because he found that the vent from my water heater to the roof vent was disconnected, and any escaping gas was being let into my attic. He gave me plenty of advice on what to do next. Awesome work, Luis, I wish there were more folks like you around that take ownership of the work they do. I think I just found my permanent plumbing guys!
Ashwin Kumar
General Plumbing
Wayne and Branden were great.
Cherie Landrum
General Plumbing

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