Gas vs. Electric Dryers Pros and Cons


When shopping for new appliances, you’ll have your choice of either gas or electric dryers. Sometimes, the decision is as simple as determining the kinds of hookups you have. However, choosing between a gas vs. electric dryer may not always be that straightforward, especially if you’re looking for the most cost-efficient solution.

Gas vs. Electric Dryer Hookups

Gas and electric dryer hookups are often advertised in real estate listings as a benefit. The pros and cons of each are detailed below.

Pros of Gas Dryers

In the last two years, 94 homes were sold in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that mentioned gas dryer hookups in their description. They’re very common in the area and provide the following benefits.

  • Gas dryers tend to heat up faster than electric.
  • Gas units tend to run hotter overall.
  • They’re more energy efficient since less energy is lost in transit to your home.
  • Gas tends to be less expensive than electricity in Texas.

In general, gas dryers are more efficient overall than electric.

Cons of Gas Dryers

The efficiency of gas dryers comes at a cost, however:

  • Gas dryers generally cost more per machine.
  • Installation may be more involved since they require a gas hookup.
  • They tend to require more professional maintenance than electric.

Most homes in DFW have gas lines, so that isn’t usually an issue. However, it can add to the cost for homeowners who rely on electricity.

Pros of Electric Dryers

Many dryer units come in either gas or electric models, and for many homeowners, an electric dryer may be the preferred option. Their benefits include:

  • Low upfront cost for the unit.
  • Typically lower installation costs.
  • Low maintenance requirements.

Electric dryers are reliable and affordable options that can last just as long as gas dryers.

Cons of Electric Dryers

While reliable, electric dryers do have their drawbacks:

  • They need a specialized 240-volt outlet with a 30-amp circuit.
  • They run slower, requiring more energy per load.
  • Electricity tends to cost a little more in Texas.

These costs may outweigh the advantages of electric dryers.

Choosing Between a Gas Dryer or Electric Dryer

The inner part of the clothes dryer, located in the toilet, saves a man’s time.

When choosing between a gas or electric dryer, it helps to compare their pros and cons to your current situation. Consider the following.

Current Hookups

If you currently have gas hookups in your laundry room, you’re probably better off going for a gas dryer. That can be especially true if you don’t have the circuitry or outlet in place for electric. Conversely, installing a new hookup to accommodate a gas dryer may outweigh the energy savings you’d get in terms of cost.

Energy Efficiency

In Texas, gas is usually the more affordable option, though the costs of utilities in general have been increasing dramatically (as of late 2022). That said, the average cost of monthly electric bills currently range about $20 more than gas in the area, meaning gas hookups will usually be easier on your monthly expenses.

Upfront Costs

Potential energy savings need to be compared against the upfront costs of the dryer unit and installation. Electric dryers shine in terms of upfront expenses, though the energy efficiency of a gas dryer will often pay for itself if you already have gas hookups. On the other hand, if you need to install gas hookups, then electric may actually be more cost effective in the short and long term.

New Technologies

If you’re leaning toward an electric unit, some newer technologies may be worth considering. Heat pump electric dryers are especially energy efficient since they recycle heated air rather than simply pumping it out of your house. This makes them slower overall, but they still use only half the electricity that traditional electric dryers do.

If you’re switching from gas to electric, a heat pump electric dryer may be a good option, especially since you might qualify for a HEEHRA rebate of up to $840 from the price of the unit.

Servicing Gas Lines

There are great options for both electric and gas dryers, but if you’re opting for a gas unit, you’ll need to keep your gas lines in good condition. If you have a gas leak, we can help you isolate it and get it resolved as efficiently as possible.



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