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When the water system was constructed in 1966, it ensured that the growing young Town of Fairview would have plenty of water from Lake Lavon. Now, at around 10,000 residents, the need for clean water and working plumbing is more important than it ever was.

We enjoy working in the beautiful Town of Fairview and serving the residents there. Everyday, we strive for excellence in our work. We believe the pride we have in our level of plumbing service is of the same caliber as the pride Fairview residents take in their homes and their community. On this page, you will find some more information that will hopefully be helpful to you regarding your home and plumbing.

(Page Last Updated November, 2020. Contact the Town of Fairview for the latest information.)

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Did You Know The City Of Fairview Offers Rebates To Residents?

Is your water pressure so low that you have to dance around in your shower to get wet, or is it so high that it almost knocks you off your feet? Either way there’s a good chance we can help! Save up to $150 on installation of a pressure reducing valve!

Explore opportunities to save money and conserve water through local municipality incentives available to homeowners.

Pressure Reduction Rebate Program

Rebate Information:

  • Rebate available for purchase price or $150 of the PRV, whichever is less. 

Call us today and one of our friendly advocates can assist you with replacement information!

Call Now For Fairview Rebate Details ⇒

Sewer treatment and the water you use are both charged on your water bill, but there is an important difference between these two charges. While water usage is directly measured by your water meter, the sewage is only an estimate based on your water usage. The average number of gallons used per month from December to March is used to estimate the water that actually goes down the drain. (They use the Winter months to avoid measuring the water that is used for irrigation purposes.)

In communities where the HOA manages and provides the irrigation water, this is usually metered separately and the homes or townhomes have special water usage rates.

Learn all about the Fairview water bill here on their website. Fairview rounds the water usage for billing to the nearest 1,000 gallons.

If you do have a large water leak that would result in a significant bill increase, Fairview has a leak adjustment process that can be applied to save you money. You need to fill out a Leak Adjustment Form and bring a copy of your plumbing receipt to the Town Hall. You can only take advantage of this adjustment once per calendar year and you have to do it within thirty days of the repair.

If you think you have a leak but aren’t sure, Fairview has a helpful PDF that goes through some basic troubleshooting information. The information gathered by follow these steps will help us give more accurate pricing over the phone when you call.

Your water meter is most likely manufactured by a company called “Master Meter”. Your meter will probably be in front of the house down by the street. It should be under a black plastic or metal lid with the label “Water Meter” on it. This type of meter can be read without having to physically open the meter lid.

Water Quality

Fairview’s water is purchased from the North Texas Municipal Water District and is sourced from Lake Lavon (Wylie water treatment plant). Like most North Texas water, it is pretty “hard” with an average of 114-191 PPM of total hardness.

As their website states:

To read the latest water quality consumer confidence report, check out this PDF.

Some have complained that the water tastes/smells different at different times of the year. This is actually relatively normal. The Lake Lavon water source is subject to “algal blooms” that usually occur during the summer. This has an effect on how you experience the tap water in your home.

To lodge a complaint about water quality, Fairview has a form that you can fill out here.

Water Restrictions

Preventing water waste in an important civic responsibility in Fairview. That’s why there is currently an ordinance that prohibits watering the lawn between 9:00 in the morning and 7:00 at night during the hot months (April-October). If the lawn is watered during this time, much of it simply evaporates into the air without ever benefiting the yard.

Water Saving Credits 

Also in the spirit of saving water, Fairview offers several credits or rebates to incentivise and reward investments toward this goal.

If you install a rain barrel to use for watering your lawn and plants, it will not only save you on your water bill, you can also get a credit for it as well. Read about that on this PDF.

If you purchase a qualifying water-efficient washing machine, you can also get a credit for that too. Read about it on this PDF.

Finally, if you have high water pressure to your home (over 90 psi), you qualify for the Fairview Pressure Reducing Valve Rebate. Read more about that here in this PDF.

Plumbing Code Requirements

The standard of the Internal Plumbing Code (published every few years by the ICC) is gaining a lot of traction throughout the United States, and North Texas is no exception. In the Fairview Code of Ordinances, the 2012 edition of the IPC is the official plumbing standard.

Each city has the ability to adopt specific “code amendments” for variations from the plumbing code they want to enforce. Fairview is part of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and they have a list of recommended amendments as well. For example, Fairview has required expansion tanks on all new water heater installations in the Heritage Ranch community.

Legacy has to stay in contact with the city for “pulling permits” while performing various plumbing services such as water heater installations. Once these permits are pulled, our work is inspected by the city to ensure code compliance. We do things “by the book”, so we are constantly updating our list of specially-enforced code amendments required by city building inspectors.

Natural Gas Service

The town of Fairview uses both Atmos and Coserv for its supply of natural gas. Check to see which company supplies gas to your home. The gas meter is usually located in the alleyway behind the house or right next to the house on one side or the other. These meters and the piping that connects to them is usually painted green or gray.

If Atmos or Coserv detects a gas leak on your system, they will probably shut the gas off to your residence until the issue can be discovered and repaired by a licensed plumber. Feel free to call us for more information on resolving any gas leaks.

Plumbing Problems in Fairview

Here are a few interesting statistics on homes and home ownership:

  • Almost 80% of Fairview residents own their home instead of renting.
  • Fairview is a very popular choice for retirees with many residents being older than 65.
  • Around 70% of the homes in Fairview were built in the last 20 years.

Because of the age they were built, the majority of homes in Fairview have a slab foundation and a PVC drain system under the house. This is good news! Unlike the older cast iron systems, PVC doesn’t deteriorate with exposure to the ground and moisture. This means if you have a break in your sewer system, it can probably be taken care of with a single spot repair instead of replacing whole sections of the system. It takes skill and the right equipment to pinpoint where breaks are in order to make the repair as noninvasive as possible.

The majority of homes also have copper water lines which run under the slab and distribute fresh water to all of your plumbing fixtures. Although, if your house was built within the last 10 years, there is a much higher likelihood of a PEX system where the lines are run through the attic and walls.

Your water heater is also probably located in the attic or in the garage. If it is in an area where it could cause damage when it starts to leak, it is highly recommended to replace the tank proactively at around 10 years old.

Fairview and Heritage Ranch

One of the biggest housing communities in Fairview is Heritage Ranch. It is actually the first active-adult community in North Texas for residents 55 and older.

It was started by the US Homes Corporation which soon afterwards was acquired by Lennar, who continued the development. The first homes were built around 2000 around the golf and country club that was developed there.

You can read more about the history of Heritage Ranch here on this PDF.

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