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The continually growing community of Flower Mound is one that welcomes new residents in every year. Residents are attracted by the atmosphere that evokes the warmth of a small town. Their new residences will bring about plumbing challenges at some point, which means finding a plumber in Flower Mound that you can trust.

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Plumbing in Flower Mound is just like everywhere else, with certain concerns developing on a more regular basis. Ignoring the issues at hand won’t make them go away and could very well set the stage for disaster unless a call is made to a Flower Mound plumber.

When that call is made to Legacy Plumbing, the homeowner is assured that the experienced personnel that are promptly sent out can handle the task at hand. Basic repair problems like a clogged toilet or a faucet malfunction are everyday happenings when it comes to plumbing in Flower Mound Tx.

However, our Legacy staff also sees more serious concerns when it comes to plumbing in Flower Mound Tx, which can relate to:

  • Water Heater Problems: The appearance of brownish water or the sluggishness of the water coming out of the faucet could very well be the onset of more serious problems with your water heater. Having a Flower Mound plumber from Legacy handle this job can help get life back to normal.
  • Pipe Issues: The problems involved with getting water to drink or shower may be directly related to pipes that may have outlived their usefulness or are dealing with issues taking place below the ground. A Legacy plumber in Flower Mound can get to the root of the problem.
  • Flooring and Slab Irregularities: Changes that develop in these areas may be the direct result of oddities that are felt in the flooring. The root of the issue could be related to leaking slabs, which necessitates a call to the technicians at Legacy.
  • Hazards in the Gas Line: An unwelcome odor might serve as the precursor to something that’s potentially much more dangerous. This is something that absolutely demands immediate attention, with a Legacy plumber fully equipped to tackle the job.

Finding a plumber in Flower Mound to rely on shouldn’t require a lot of effort, so when you need that Flower Mound plumber, make sure to contact Legacy Plumbing today.

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Thank you Daniel for your professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge. Daniel gave me easy to understand options to help me make a quick decision for the items needing repairs. Legacy Plumbing is fortunate to have you work there.
Carmen Gentry
General Plumbing
I was fortunate enough to have Enoch do the repair. He was punctual, courteous and pleasant. He explained what he was going to do and if that wasn't the issue what the next step would be and the cost. I highly recommend Legacy and hope you are fortunate enough to have Enoch on your service
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The best plumbing company ever not just in Texas. Owners are very trustworthy and that shows in their employees. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!!!
Mike Marin