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Flower Mound, located north of Dallas, has come a long way since it started building up midcentury around a 12.5-acre namesake mound in the town center. It saw a population boom after the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport opened in 1974, and as of last year boasts nearly 76,000 affluent residents who are collectively elevating the current median home price to $444,000 —>some of the most expensive real estate in the country

The town has become the place to be for up-and-comers, with several “best place to find a job” and “best place to live” distinctions in recent years. Almost 9 in 10 residents have purchased and moved into a large 4-5+ bedroom home.

Where there are big homes, there can be big plumbing repairs. But don’t worry. Flower Mound residents can rely on licensed professionals at Legacy Plumbing for all their needs.

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At Legacy Plumbing, we are in communication with the City of Flower Mound and keep an updated list of plumbing requirements, so you’ll always know our service is up to code.

In Flower Mound, you’ll find that most homeowners are highly educated and married with children. While there is some newer real estate on the market, 67 percent of the town’s housing was built between the years of 1970 and 1999. Square footage of 4,000 to 16,000 feet isn’t unheard of, with many homeowners looking for space.

House hunters in Flower Mound are currently looking for updated gourmet kitchens, tennis courts, big yards, farms, libraries, waterfront property, open floor plans, steam shower rooms, big lots, ponds and swimming pools.

The older the home, the more possibility pipes will need repaired that are broken, cracked or have tree roots growing inside the drainage pipes. If you suspect a leak on the main water pipe in the yard, turn off the the main water valve up by the house, then check your water meter. Is it still running? Then there is probably a leak on the main water line or irrigation system. If you don’t have an irrigation system or have already checked that out, it’s time to call an experienced plumber.

As a homeowner, it’s important to protect your investment from these wild cards so you aren’t caught unprepared. Legacy offers an annual Legacy Gold Plan for savings and convenience. Sit back as we perform a thorough inspection of all the plumbing we can visually assess. Additionally, should you need repairs or installations, you would have access to priority booking at a 5 percent discount.

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We offer no-nonsense pricing and peace of mind for our services — you can count on us to provide comprehensive repairs while also looking out for your safety.

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Did you know that natural gas leak-related fires cause 40 deaths a year? Nobody wants to think about gas leaks — but it helps to stay prepared and know what your course of action is. First, if you smell a major gas leak, get far away from the source. Then call 911 and your gas provider (Flower Mound uses Atmos and CoServ).

Gas providers usually take care of the line up to your gas meter. The pipe that runs from the meter to your home is your responsibility. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Legacy if you have any questions about gas leak detection.

If you’re looking to replace an old water heater or other gas appliances for energy-saving options, you could qualify for a rebate from Atmos.

The average Flower Mound household spends $140.18 on water in a typical summer month, using 22,722 gallons of water.

The town brings in surface water from Dallas Water Utilities and the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, all obtained from Lake Lewisville, Lake Ray Hubbard and Lake Tawakoni.

Officials have been taking steps to encourage water conservation in recent years, including phasing in water-efficient plumbing fixtures when replacing fixtures in existing homes and buildings. Flower Mound is also implementing annual testing and calibration of water meters to ensure accuracy. Check out these tips to help save you time and water:

Remember, Flower Mound is only responsible for the water pipes up to the water meter. Any water leaks from the meter to your property are your responsibility.

If you suspect a water leak on your property, give Legacy Plumbing a call. We have the tools to diagnose the problem right away!

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