Water Leaks & Pressure

slab leak repair

What Affects Slab Leak Repair Cost?

What impacts Slab Leak Repair Cost? If you have been a North Texas homeowner for a while, you probably know …

basket strainer leaking

How to Find a Leak Under the Kitchen Sink

If you’ve opened up your kitchen cabinet and found soggy paper towels or drops of water on your cleaning supplies, …


How to Check for a Hot Water Slab Leak (Without Any Tools)

Warning Signs of a Slab Leak Do you suspect a slab leak? Maybe you’ve heard a quiet hissing sound coming …

slab leak

How to Fix a Slab Leak: The Top Four Ways

Do you have a high water bill and live in North Dallas? Do you hear a faint hissing sound like …

Water leak Under

Know This Before Paying For A Foundation Repair

Repairing foundation damage can be expensive. Unfortunately, foundation issues are common in North Texas. Most of the houses built directly …

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Water Leaks & Pressure


A water audit helps to save you money by finding out how much water you are using in your home. …

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Frisco, Texas— December 20, 2011—The holidays will be a little brighter for families across Frisco this year. Legacy Plumbing Inc. …

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Water Heater Repair and Replacement Tips

Don’t ignore your water heater. It may be easy to forget about your water heater until the water runs cold, …

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Water Heater FAQ’s

Water Heater Maintenance How does hard water affect a water heater? What causes popping/rumbling noises from a water heater? As tank water heaters age, lime

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