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The Town of Prosper is a small town with a big heart! With a land area just under 27 square miles, Prosper is a very small and intimate community with a lot to offer. Prosper believes in water conservation and offers residents learning tools to save water. Keep reading to find out more!

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Water Conservation in Prosper, Texas

Smart Watering Courses: Prosper offers smart watering courses to its residents led by Texas A & M AgriLife! Visit for upcoming classes!

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If you need plumbing repair services or professional plumbing maintenance around Prosper, contact Legacy Plumbing today to get the job done. Legacy Plumbing offers peace of mind that offers equal parts of trust and competitive pricing for our services. Prosper, TX residents can call Legacy Plumbing at 972-801-9798 or fill out our easy online form.

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General Plumbing
What a fantastic company! Legacy was highly recommended and they did not disappoint. Kelly was fast, thorough, gave me some advice on things to watch for as well as some recommendations. I'm on-board with Legacy and they will be my plumbing company from now on.
Robert Trego
General Plumbing
Tony Packer just came out and replaced my garbage disposal. He did a great job and checked everything to make sure it was properly working and advised he fix some corroded pipes. He did so, and replaced other tubing that needed work. Then, he taught me how to unjam it should the motor jam. How very helpful! I have therefore asked him about my shower now because I'd like to have him back. He gave me a quote so I know what to expect. He is very efficient, capable, and friendly. My neighbor recommended this company and I have been very impressed. Clifton was also quite nice in scheduling and rescheduling me as needed.
Suzanne Roberts
General Plumbing
Enoch Heise was very professional, courteous, thorough, and honest. He installed a new water heater, kitchen faucet, and new toilets. The workmanship was superior. One of the toilets was not working correctly and I contacted Enoch. He was prompt in responding. It was a manufacturer defect. Enoch and Aarin installed a new toilet. Thank you, Legacy Plumbing, for hiring Enoch and Aarin. I will request Enoch for all future repairs.