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5 Interesting Facts About Plumbing

Take five and learn some fun facts about plumbing.

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Is My Yard Leak Coming from the Sprinkler Line or Plumbing System?

Yard Leak   The drenching rain of Hurricane Patricia has done a number on the Dallas area a couple of …


Outside Plumbing Tips For The Spring

As the weather warms up and you are spending more time outdoors, now is a great time to check your …

Rheem water heater

How To Adjust The Temperature On a Gas Water Heater

Video Transcript Hello my name is Sean I’m with Legacy Plumbing and I wanted to go over a quick review …

Rheem water heater

Water Heater Repair and Replacement Tips

Don’t ignore your water heater. It may be easy to forget about your water heater until the water runs cold, …

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Get Your Grill On – Gas Grill Line Installation

Summer is here and it’s time to light up your gas grill. Legacy Plumbing is here to help you simplify …

Tips from the Experts

Tackling Your Home’s Plumbing Emergencies

The occasional plumbing malfunction is just part of life. Learn how to keep your cool and take control until your …

Rheem water heater
Legacy Plumbing

Is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Water Heater?

Your water heater may be out of sight, but it should not be out of mind. If your unit is …

Water Heater FAQ’s

Water Heater Maintenance How does hard water affect a water heater? What causes popping/rumbling noises from a water heater? As tank water heaters age, lime

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Tips For Your Plumbing Remodel

You’ve been plotting out your perfect bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel for years — finding inspiration, watching home-improvement shows, saving money — and now it’s

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