How To Adjust The Temperature On a Gas Water Heater

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Sean I’m with Legacy Plumbing and I wanted to go over a quick review of how to light your pilot on the water heaters and to turn your temperature up. 

If we take a look at the gas valve here basically you’ll see the button on top of the water heater that says off pilot and on and the instructions are right here on the side of the water heater typically but they can be kind of confusing.

Basically you turn this knob to pilot right here and you push down.

You’re going to have to hold this down for 30 seconds to a minute but every 5 or 10 seconds click this button right here it actually sparks so that you can light your pilot.

We’re gonna sit here and do this every few seconds and holding this button down the entire time.

Do this for a few seconds here we’ll keep clicking it and then after you’ve held this button down for about 30 seconds to a minute probably a minute to be the best.

Lift up on the button and turn it on now that leaves your pilot on now we’re gonna turn up our temperature and that’s done right here on this big black knob right here.

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See it’s on pilot light right now you’re gonna turn it up like this.

We typically set it right here on this triangle that’s about a hundred and twenty degrees but if you need it to get hotter turn it up a little bit and let it sit like that for a couple days 24 hours to two days.

If it’s still not hot enough for you you can turn it up just a little bit more to the a you don’t want to do it too much too fast because it does take 24 hours to two days for it to get to be where it needs to be according to the thermostat.

If you have any questions give us a call at 972-801-9798 and my name is Sean thank you very much.


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