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High Water Pressure

Water pressure supplied by municipal water sources within the Legacy Plumbing service area ranges from 40-125 pounds. High water pressure can be controlled by the installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) on the homeowner’s side of the water meter. If you already have a PRV and are still seeing high water pressure, it may need to be adjusted or serviced. The recommended water pressure, especially if you have a water softener or a sprinkler system, is between 60 and 80 pounds.

Low Water Pressure

Is the problem occurring at every faucet/fixture?

If not, the problem could be a clogged aerator. Check the screens for rust or other particles that could be blocking the flow and clean/replace the aerator as deemed necessary. In single handle faucets, the issue could have several different sources: the mixing valve cartridge is broken, the water supply line is kinked or the shut-off valve is partially closed.

Is the pressure the same for both hot and cold water?

If only the hot water side is being affected, the problem could be with your water heater. Check the shut-off valve located next to the water heater to make sure it is not closed.

Do you have a water softener?

Put the softener on the bypass to see if the pressure increases. If the pressure increases, the problem is likely in the water softener.

Do you have a pressure –reducing valve (PRV) on your property?

You can find the Pressure Reducing Valve on your side of the water meter. If you do have a PRV, it may need to be adjusted or serviced.

Is your customer valve fully open?

This valve is usually located on the homeowner’s side of the water meter that allows you to turn off the water to your home.

Low water pressure can also be a sign of a water leak somewhere on your property. If you have issues with your water pressure, give us a call here at Legacy Plumbing at 972-801-9798. We are always here to answer your questions and assist you in any way that we can.

What is water pressure?

Water pressure is potential energy.  More energy provides higher water pressure. If you live close to your municipal water supply, you’re likely to have more energy. The further away you live, the lower the water pressure because your water has to do more work to get to you.

Legacy Plumbing Services

How can you find the source of low water pressure?

Have your local water department for a pressure reading

Your water pressure may be the right pressure for your home and pipes, even if it doesn’t feel like it. You could just be accustomed to high water pressure, which is wasteful and damaging to your appliances, faucets and pipes – not to mention wallet. To be sure, have your local water department do a pressure reading.  You can also test the water pressure yourself with a pressure gauge.

Examine the condition of the pipe

Older, galvanized water piping systems may be the source of the problem.  The only solution is to have the pipes replaced, which should be done by a licensed plumber.  If you have experienced a sudden drop in water pressure, there also may be a leak.

Check that shut-off valves are open

The shut-off valves on your system need to be fully opened to allow water to flow properly. This could be a simple fix to your water pressure problem.

Clean or replace your faucet aerator

If you have low water pressure in specific faucets, you could have a clogged faucet aerator. Just like pipes, build of debris, rust and corroding clog your faucet aerators.  Unscrew the tip of the problem faucet and clean or replace it.

If you’re still unable to determine the cause of your low water pressure problem or you don’t know how to remedy it, contact a plumber to properly diagnose the issue.

Protect Water Heaters, Washers & Dishwashers

Replacing a water heater is not cheap – most water heaters should last for least a decade. That’s why a plumbing emergency is such a dreaded occurrence – you have to worry about the inconvenience and the unexpected expense. You can avoid putting undue pressure on your appliances by making sure that you have the right water pressure in your home. When the water pressure is too high, the life expectancy of your appliances will diminish. So, how do you make sure that you have the right pressure in your home? It’s a simple fix!

Buy an inexpensive gauge which screws into the hose bib. If you find that the water pressure is too high, you can buy a pressure regulator that will ensure that the pressure coming from the supply line is controlled. The valve automatically closes off the supply of water once it reaches a certain pressure – maintaining a consistent pressure in the home.

Protect your investment by checking your water pressure periodically.



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