Does Your Home Need a Pressure Reducing Valve?

Water leak Under
At Legacy Plumbing, having a customer complain that their water pressure is too high is almost unheard of. Most of the time, people are concerned that their water pressure is too low. It’s likely that you want to get as much water as possible from their faucets. So, why would you consider getting a pressure reducing valve (PRV) in your home? There are a number of reasons that a PRV may be a good addition to your home. Higher water pressure could rupture pipes, damage fixtures, and injure the people using them. While we can’t blame you for wanting powerful water pressure in the shower, you may want to know the effect of water pressure in other areas of your home.

Protect Your Appliances

We all know that replacing appliances are not cheap. A broken dishwasher, washing machine or dryer can set you back hundreds of dollars – so you definitely want to protect that investment. You also want to help prolong the life of your existing appliances. If the water pressure in your home is too high, it is putting too much pressure on your appliances. Having a ton of pressure in the shower is understandable; having the same amount of your dishwasher is unnecessary. The higher the water pressure is in your home, the faster the life of your appliances diminish. The water pressure in your home affects all appliances that are connected to a water line. Before investing serious money in the top of the line appliances, consider getting the water pressure in your home checked.

Make your Fixtures Last Longer and Save Water

There’s always a good reason to save water: You help the environment, lower the rising concern over water scarcity, and you save money on your water bill. High water pressure also negatively affects your fixtures. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to stand to shiver under a faucet that is only releasing trickles of water. It’s possible to reduce the water pressure slightly, prolong the life of your fixtures, and have a comfortable water pressure you can live with. Legacy Plumbing Services

Save on Energy and Wastewater

Twice as much water flows through a system at 150psi compared to 50psi. Most of the additional water used in high water pressure systems is wasted. You pay for all of that additional water, regardless of how it is used. If more water is flowing through the system, more energy is needed to heat it. A Pressure Reducing Valve can help you reduce domestic water heating costs by 30%. Reducing wastewater treatment load also helps your bottom line. Many municipalities prorate sewer usage fees based upon the water meter reading. Reduce the amount of water you use, and you reduce the cost to treat it.

Reduce Risk to Your Pipeline

We don’t have to tell you that a burst pipe can be potentially dangerous to you and others who live in your home. A PRV helps to control the pressure of steams, liquids and gases to prevent them from reaching their maximum level. High water and gas pressure can burst pipes and can cause an explosion. If you’re not sure about the water pressure in your home, call a plumber for an inspection. It could help you save money on energy, appliances, and future pipe repairs.


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