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Argyle, TX: Small Town, Big Growth

Argyle, the rural farming community with just 1,575 residents in 1990, has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years with the recent planting of several master-planned communities from noted home developers. Argyle continues to grow rapidly, with new homes and businesses being built. As you move into your brand new Argyle home, Legacy Plumbing can help you make it your own by adding an outdoor kitchen (which will need new water and gas lines), exterior gas light fixtures, a dedicated ice maker, or any other plumbing upgrade/repair for your home or business.  Our Argyle plumbers offer superior service that is delivered with integrity. Just check our reviews.

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couponCommon Argyle Plumbing Issues

According to 2022 U.S. Census data, Argyle has a population of about 5,500, a 16.8% increase from the previous year, and 1,840 households, an increase of 4% versus the previous year.  About 63% of Argyle housing was built before 2000, 19% before 1980, 22% between 1980 and 1989, and 22% between 1990 and 1999.  

Those buying homes in Argyle’s new master-planned communities enjoy the perks of underground plumbing, new infrastructure, and brand-new fixtures. Argyle residents who live in the older neighborhoods enjoy the shade of established landscaping and mature trees. Yet, they must also wrestle with plumbing concerns commonly associated with the materials favored when they were built.

Aging Sewer pipes: Clay and cast iron sewer pipes in older Argyle homes corrode over time, which means frequent clogs and, ultimately, pipe leaks and breaks. If these old sewer pipes don’t decay and crumble, unfortunately, the roots of those beautiful, mature trees have a way of causing them to break, growing into tiny cracks in search of moisture during our dry summers. Legacy’s team of plumbers has solutions to replace your drain lines and restore your home’s sewer system. Learn more about our drain line replacement service.

Old Water Supply Lines: The few Argyle homes built before 1950 likely have galvanized steel freshwater supply lines that rust after many decades of exposure, making drinking water unsafe. Copper pipes replaced steel pipes in the 60s, and while more durable, they are susceptible to developing pinhole leaks when expanding tree roots or the forces of shifting ground press them against a concrete slab. Legacy’s slab leak service detects leak locations quickly and offers homeowners options for repair with minimal disruption.

Polybutylene Pipes: Used from 1978 to 1995, polybutylene (plastic) pipes are now prohibited by building codes everywhere because of their high failure rate. These pipes were commonly used to bring fresh water from the meter to the home, and any Argyle homes that had them have likely been retrofitted. If you have any type of water leak, we can help find the source of the problem and determine the best course of action.

Kitchen & Bath Fixture Installation & Repair

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom with stylish new fixtures can significantly enhance your home’s functionality, aesthetics, and value. When you’re ready for an upgrade, call Legacy Plumbing. Our Argyle plumbers have served this area for many years. Our experienced technicians can ensure a smooth experience, from helping you choose the perfect faucets and showerheads to flawlessly installing them in your Argyle home, ensuring proper water pressure and leak-free operation. With Legacy Plumbing’s expertise, you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new fixtures for years to come.

Hot Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Are you experiencing lukewarm showers or inconsistent hot water? Or are you running out of hot water because your tank isn’t big enough? Legacy Plumbing, your trusted Argyle plumber, is here to address all your water heater worries. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem with your existing water heater and offer honest advice on replacing it.

Whether you need a simple fix or you want to upgrade to a tankless water heater, Legacy Plumbing will handle the job efficiently and effectively. We can help you choose the right model, considering size, fuel source, and energy efficiency. Our plumbing experts will install your new hot water heater, ensuring it meets all Argyle’s safety codes and regulations.

Legacy Plumbing is committed to providing Argyle residents with reliable, hassle-free water heater solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your hot water flowing again!

Slab Detection and Repair

Is there a mysterious increase in your water bill, or do you hear an unusual trickling sound beneath your floorboards? These could be signs of a hidden threat – a slab leak. Legacy Plumbing, your trusted Argyle plumbers, offers expert slab leak detection and repair services to address this stressful situation.

Our skilled technicians utilize advanced leak detection equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the leak under your concrete slab. Once identified, Legacy Plumbing will provide a clear explanation of the problem and a comprehensive repair plan. We’ll get your Argyle home back to normal with confidence and peace of mind.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Clogged drains or sewer line backups can bring your home to a standstill. Legacy Plumbing, your trusted Argyle plumber, offers comprehensive drain and sewer cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and restore your plumbing. We prioritize minimally invasive solutions and upfront pricing, ensuring a stress-free experience. Contact Legacy Plumbing today—we’ll get your Argyle home back in order!

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Sam and Shelby installed new half bathroom toilet for us. They were extremely professional, informative of all repairs/installation being completed, and did it all in a timely manner. I was very pleased with both Sam and Shelby and will definitely continue to call on Legacy Plumbing when any plumbing issue arises.
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So glad we found Legacy Pluming. Our technician Logan Did a great job. He was polite And very knowledgeable. Thank you, Richard
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Great job Ahndre! This is the second time we used Legacy Plumbing. Our initial decision to use them was from a referral. Anhdre was honest, polite, professional and knowledgeable. We appreciated the top notch service we received and we are completely satisfied!
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