Hot Water Heater Installation in North Dallas

Rheem water heater

When the time has come for a new water heater to replace the old one in your home, it might seem like you’re tossing a coin. Will the experience be quick and smooth, or will it be a headache-inducing disaster? There are many details that have to be considered for a proper hot water heater installation. The only way to get “heads” every time is to have the work performed by a plumber you trust. You need a professional that will put you first and ensure nothing is overlooked. Read on to discover all of the major things you should look for when searching for such a plumber.

To be an informed homeowner, it is fundamental to know what to expect when a skillful plumbing professional performs a hot water heater installation in your home. First, they should clearly communicate about the work that they are going to conduct, and be upfront about what it will cost and why. They should work neatly and be respectful of your home and belongings. They should do quality work that they will stand behind should there be any issues down the road. Finally, they should make sure the installation of your new heater follows all local plumbing codes and is ready to pass inspection.

Transparent Communication

Starting with good communication is essential to providing excellent service. No two water heater installations are identical. Sometimes additional work will need to be done to ensure a proper installation. The price of the project may vary depending on the city plumbing codes, where the heater is located in the home, the state of the existing plumbing surrounding the heater, etc. Under no circumstances should you be surprised at what you owe when it comes time for payment. That’s why at Legacy Plumbing we are diligent in upfront communication. If something comes up in the middle of a project that will increase costs, each technician will stop and fill you in about what has been discovered before proceeding with work.

Work That Puts You First

That kind of respect for you as a homeowner should also extend to the work itself. If the plumber has a true motivation to serve you, it will show in the way work is carried out. Are drop-cloths laid down to protect the floor surrounding the work area? If the old heater must be carried through the living area, what steps are taken to ensure no debris or rusty water falls onto your floor? Is the technician efficient and organized in how his tools and parts are laid out in the work area? Are they conscientious about surfaces where things are set down?

These are high standards you should hold. For the technician, it can be especially challenging when the job is difficult and they are completely absorbed in the work at hand. However, if motivation is truly to serve you, a professional will make every effort to mind these details. Every technician at Legacy Plumbing strives for this ideal.

A Warranty With No Strings

Good service will continue to be carried out long after the job is finished and the payment is collected. The heater manufacturers offer warranties on the tanks themselves, and any good plumbing company will offer a labor warranty on the work they do. Be aware of how is that warranty honored. Should an issue arise with a heater that Legacy Plumbing installs, addressing that issue is on the top of our priority list. Moreover, each technician’s truck is fully stocked to make all repairs needed on the first visit.

Legacy Plumbing Services

Of course, it’s best to not have any return visits at all. For this reason, Legacy Plumbing goes above and beyond to prevent the need for follow up repairs. Our choice of gas water heater is a decision we are very picky about. Most heaters today ship with a newer style gas thermostat that is designed to diagnose any malfunctions on its own. While it is a nice feature, we found it was significantly more prone to issues than the older style thermostat. The line of Rheem heaters that we order wholesale all come with the older, more reliable thermostat design.

Additionally, to help reduce the chance of any issues with your new water heater, our customers have the option to purchase an extended warranty kit. Under this warranty, the tank itself is covered for four extra years, and the labor on the heater is covered for two extra years. This upgrade also comes with an additional part that we install on the heater called an “anode rod”. The anode rod in every heater protects the metal in the tank from being rusted by the water as quickly. When we add an extra magnesium anode rod, it does a superior job of preventing corrosion.

Inspection Ready in North Dallas

After your new water heater is installed, it will need to be inspected by one of your local city inspectors per regulation to ensure the plumbing is done correctly and safely. One thing that makes this process more complicated for the plumber is that each city has its own particular code requirements that are enforced. Is an expansion tank needed? What are the particular requirements for the T&P valve drain lines and the drain pan lines? The plumber you choose should be knowledgeable about your city’s specific requirements and make sure the work completed is compliant the first time to prevent any return visits.

Hot Water Heater Installation for Frisco, Plano & McKinney

At Legacy Plumbing, we’re committed to changing the way most people think of home service contractors. Unfortunately, low expectations are too often the norm. As a homeowner, you can help by being informed and having these high expectations of your plumbing professional. Upfront pricing and great communication throughout the service process are vital. Details should be carefully minded during work, which should be performed in a neat and organized manner. Good warranties should be offered and then honored without hassle. Finally, everything should be done up to the local plumbing codes for a seamless inspection.

This is the standard every technician at Legacy Plumbing strives for with each water heater we install. You should expect nothing less from any service contractor that enters your home. Contact the professionals at Legacy Plumbing today.



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