Tackling Your Home’s Plumbing Emergencies

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The occasional plumbing malfunction is just part of life. Learn how to keep your cool and take control until your plumber arrives with these helpful tips.

Get to know your shut-off valve. One of the best ways to hit the brakes on a plumbing disaster is by cutting the water supply at the source. Locate your shut-off valve and ensure it can be quickly and safely accessed in a pinch. Shut-off valves are usually located near your home’s water meter. Check this area periodically to provide easy access and ensure there is nothing in the way that would make reaching the valve difficult when you’re in a hurry.

Go straight to the source. If your shower’s hot water knob is stuck on, the toilet is running, or the kitchen sink is spraying; it’s fastest to go straight to the source. Freestanding fixtures usually have valves located towards their base that are quick and easy to identify. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the other cut-off valves in your home. If a shut-off valve is buried within your home’s walls, you must use the main shut-off valve. Once you have located all the extra valves, ensure they are loose enough to open by hand. Since these valves aren’t used often, you may need to loosen the valve with a wrench. Apply a spray lubricant on sticking or hard-to-open valves to ensure they can be quickly closed in an emergency.

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Don’t let your bowl runneth over. Clogged toilets are a common occurrence that sends water rising to your toilet bowl’s rim. Hold the panic and act quickly to stop rising water and prevent a messy overflow. Following previous instructions, you will have already located and made accessible both your toilet’s shut-off valve and the main water line valve. You’ll need to think fast and attempt to shut off the toilet’s valve immediately. If the toilet’s cut-off valve is inaccessible or you cannot close it, open the tank and lift the float ball. This should cut the water flow to the bowl. Send someone to cut your main shut-off valve, stopping water flow to the bowl. Check the toilet tank once the water is off to ensure the rubber flapper is not propped open. If it is, return it to the closed position.

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