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At Legacy Plumbing, it’s our purpose to positively impact and transform the lives of our employees, customers, and community.

We accomplish this by inspiring each other to be our best selves, constantly redefining what service is, and spreading good by doing good. Leaving a lasting legacy of integrity, quality and hard work inspires us to show up for our customers and for each other every day. At Legacy Plumbing, we believe that upfront communication, continuous improvement, and action-oriented accountability help us have our greatest impact on those we serve.

Our Work is Our Word.

Legacy plumbing is a welcome change from other plumbers we have used in the past. Luis did an excellent job replacing our pressure reduction valve which was not an easy repair. He had to dig down more than 2 feet to get to it and he then reworked the whole area to make it more easily accessible in the case we needed to repair it in the future. You don't see many companies putting the customer first these days. I highly recommend Legacy.

Marc Gardner

We had reworked a main drain from the kitchen years ago and it started to back up again from the washer drain line. Contacted Legacy and was lucky enough to have Sam visit our house. I explained our previous issues and understood our needs from the start. After Sam scoped the lines with the camera to find the blockage, he snaked the lines and confirmed we were draining freely with another scope at the end. Very pleasant experience and will be calling him again for any other problems in the future.

Scott Kring

Mike and Gerald came out and were absolute professionals! They listened to what I had to say and explained what they were going to do every step along the way. If I *ever* have plumbing needs in the future, I'm calling Legacy Plumbing back and specifically asking for these guys!

Jeff B.

Dzenan and Steven came out today and replaced my water heater. They did a fantastic job explaining everything and answering all my questions. They were friendly and professional. I'm going to be calling Legacy Plumbing for all my plumbing needs from now on!

Elaine Alvarez

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