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Water leak Under

Discovering a water leak trapped under the concrete slab foundation of your home is every homeowner’s nightmare.  Slab leak repairs are especially intimidating because the leak is trapped beneath several inches of concrete.  It is important to seek professional help when you notice a slab leak.  Swelling water under your home’s concrete slab can cause severe damage to the foundation of your house.

Thankfully, slab leak repair by a trained plumbing specialist can spare your home from any long-term damage.

How Do I Know If I Have a Slab Leak?

You may be wondering how you can tell if your home has a slab leak. Be observant. A spike in your utility bills may be a red flag.  Check both your water and heating costs.  Hot water piping is more likely to have a leak because the water temperature makes the pipe stretch and shrink. Even a small slab leak can waste thousands of gallons of water a month.  Keep your eyes open for any cosmetic changes in your slab.  Domes and bending of the concrete are warning signs of water collecting down below.  Wet spots in your yard can also be a red flag that you may have a slab leak.

If you have noticed any possible warning signs of a slab leak, contact Legacy Plumbing immediately.  Water trapped under your slab can lead to serious cosmetic damage.  In some cases, a slab leak can physically move your home!  Early detection is key in keeping both damage and repair costs at a minimum.

Once on the job, Legacy Plumbing uses top-of-the-line water leak detection equipment to verify if there is a leak, locate its origin and determine the severity of any damage. After our findings, we will consult with you to plan the best course of action to get the leak repaired, including quoting you an upfront price of the total cost.

Our prices are guaranteed before any work begins and it is our promise to leave your home in better condition than we found it.

As a family owned and operated business, Legacy Plumbing, Inc., brings over 20 years of experience to its customers in the North Texas community. Winning the Angie’s List Super Service award for three consecutive years, 2011 Frisco Small Business of the Year and 2011 Collin County’s Emerging Company, it is evident that Legacy Plumbing delivers outstanding services to meet all residential and commercial plumbing needs.

Superior repair and plumbing installation services include water leaks, drains, pipes, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, showers/bathtubs, toilets, water heaters and sewer services.


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