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Water leak Under
Here you will find additional tips to help you with your household plumbing maintenance from the numerous questions we answer each week. Markus N., of The Colony, TX asked: What's the best way to keep the drain from clogging in my garbage disposal? I've always been told that flushing water through the running garbage disposal helps it run better. Running water through your disposal may sound like a great way to help waste travel more smoothly. However, the following water with more water isn’t much help when the blockage has already occurred. Inevitably, we’ve all had to manually reach into the drain to unblock jammed waste from the disposal unit. Water will not prevent this type of blockage. The Best Alternative: Use a ratio of 4:1 water to waste to keep the waste separated and ensures an easy exit through the disposal. Legacy Plumbing Services Stan L., of North Garland, TX asked: What’s the best DIY technique to determine if I have a water leak in my home? By looking at your Water Meter you will be able to see if you have leaks ANYWHERE in your water system. You should be able to see a red triangular dial or silver and black windmill dial. Best alternative: Before you check the dial you need to verify all sources of water have been turned off at the main shut off valve. Check the dial, you will then be able to confirm a leak if the dial is still moving. If it is, call a licensed plumber immediately! Mark A. of South Aubry, TX asked:  How do I know if I have a broken water line outside my house? There are several indications of a broken water line, which include an extremely high water bill, the sound of running water when faucets and appliances in your house are not being used, and puddles in your yard. A broken water line can be remedied fairly quickly, by contracting a plumber to use Video Camera Drain Inspection technology. This allows them to pinpoint the problem quickly without having to engage in a trial and error approach.  


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