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At Legacy Plumbing, we offer a wide variety of services, including installations, inspections, and repairs. Many of these solutions constitute regular maintenance—that is, they’re easy to schedule and plan for in advance. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws homeowners “curveballs” in the form of plumbing emergencies. And when that happens, you don’t really have time to get out your calendar and pick a day next week to have the job done!

Never fear, Legacy is here to help you clear these hurdles, as well!

When It Can’t Wait

The following scenarios should all be considered plumbing emergencies:

  • Flooding –Flooding can occur when there’s a problem with your sump pump or when your water shut-off valve fails. Regardless of the cause, most homeowners realize that something’s very wrong when they discover water all over their floor…or dripping from an overhead ceiling.
  • Sewer backup – Most houses have two kinds of water lines: incoming, which deliver clean water wherever it’s needed, and outgoing, which carry dirty water to the sewer system. When a sewer line is clogged or blocked, it can’t drain, and this creates a stoppage.
  • No water flow – If a single sink or faucet in your home is out of commission, the situation is annoying. If none of the sinks or faucets in your home are working and you’re not sure why, then it’s a serious problem!
  • Burst pipe – Pipe breaks are most commonly caused by trapped water freezing and then expanding inside of a pipe during the winter months. However, it can also happen year-round as a result of natural decay, physical damage (e.g., being struck by a heavy object), or a particularly nasty clog.

One thing these situations all have in the common is their potential to cause serious damage to your home or health if they’re left untreated. Bad smells, water stains, bacterial contamination, mold growth—the list goes on and on. 

Not every plumbing problem is an emergency, but the ones that are absolutely SHOULD NOT be ignored! 

If you’re unclear on your specific plumbing situation, call! We’ll send someone by to examine your system and provide you with a solution.

Benefits of Emergency Plumbing Services From Legacy Plumbing

  • A professional plumber can help you find a permanent solution to a plumbing emergency, instead of simply offering a temporary fix.
  • Hiring expert plumbing services can honestly save you money in the long-run by avoiding extensive emergency plumbing repairs or water damage.
  • A plumbing company offering around-the-clock emergency services is licensed, trained, and insured to tackle most plumbing emergencies with efficiency and professionalism. You’re covered!
  • Hiring an emergency plumbing service can protect you from serious harm, should a pipe burst or long-term plumbing woes lead to water damage which in turn lead to mold growth that is harmful to your health.
  • We’re well-equipped to deal with most plumbing problems, including water heater repair, drain cleaning, sewer lines, plumbing fixtures, and routine maintenance services.

Legacy to the Rescue

At Legacy Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing fast, convenient assistance when our clients need us. So much so that, in many cases, we offer same (business) day services. Give us a call early in the morning, and we’ll dispatch one of our technicians ASAP—often as early as that afternoon. And any service calls received outside of our normal hours of operation will be returned first-thing the next business day.

The next time you find yourself in hot water (or with no hot water at all!), give Legacy Plumbing a call at (972) 801-9798! We offer reliable, quality emergency plumbing services throughout the North Dallas and Denton areas!

Our Work is Our Word.

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Quote mark
General Plumbing
We had an exceptional plumbing experience with Chandler on Friday . Arrived on schedule. He reviewed the invoice and explained clearly the repairs. Personable and very experienced. Well done!
General Plumbing
Wayne and Mitchell gave us upfront pricing. They quickly identified the problem and how to repair it Excellent quality work and attention to detail. They took the extra time to thoroughly clean up after the job was completed. We have recommended Legacy Plumbing several times and will do it again. We are a repeat customer and will call them again when we need plumbing work done.
Henry Boccio
General Plumbing
I forgot to mention that Alex and his trainee went above and beyond. Saw a few things that needed to be fixed/repaired and did those as well. Great customer service will keep us coming back. Thank you!!!
Angela wright