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Searching for a company that can offer trusted plumbing services in Plano TX doesn't have to be a challenge. That's because of the presence of Legacy Plumbing, which has licensed and experienced plumbers who are committed to quality customer service at a fair price.

Over the past four decades, Plano's quadrupling population has led to a tremendous surge in home building and renovations of older homes. That eye-popping growth has been recognized on a national level, with the city helping that along by offering citizens valuable rebates. The team at Legacy Plumbing is here to meet Plano's plumbing needs!

teacher-couponWe offer several discounts to Plano residents and rebates are also available. For Plano ISD teachers and City of Plano employees, take advantage of a new 10% discount we are providing as appreciation for all that you do for our community. 

Residential Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Rebate

Reducing wear-and-tear on appliances and fixtures, this device reduces water pressure. The city of Plano offers a 50% rebate, up to $500, on installation of the PRV and associated parts for residents living in single-family detached homes, townhouses, duplexes and condos that were built before 2013. However, installation must be performed by licensed Plano plumbers and the water pressure must go beyond 80 psi.

Residential High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Application

Saving 20 to 60 percent on water usage is possible by purchasing a WaterSense-labeled, high-efficiency toilet from a Plano retailer. Residents with homes built in 1994 or before can then obtain a $100 credit to their utility bill on their first toilet, $75 on their second and $50 on their third. More information is available at

The Great Update Rebate

Residents in single-family houses, duplexes, townhouses and condominiums 35 years or older are eligible for a 25 percent rebate on exterior improvements and 10 percent for the interior, with a $5,000 limit per property each year. Homes appraised by the County Appraisal District (CAD) for less than or equal to $234,255 for 2016 and property repair that's 10 percent or more of the appraised value of the home are eligible. These repairs must be completed after a contract is signed.

Legacy Plumbing can help obtain those rebates by using their plumbers in Plano to tackle a variety of concerns that include:

Cleaning Sewers and Drains

Some jobs of this nature, such as clogs, might not require a request for plumbers in Plano. However, the reality is that plenty of them present severe challenges to a homeowner. Most Plano plumbers can tell you that many older homes in the area have copper pipes that are vulnerable to rusting, which can easily foul the water being used.

Even for newer homes, the prospect of tree roots causing sewer backup is a situation that can lead to messy situations. Getting to the problem is easy for Legacy technicians who will use state-of-the-art technology to properly diagnose the issue.

Detecting Gas Line Leaks

An even more serious issue for a homeowner is the development of a gas leak that can potentially lead to damage or even tragedy. The plumbing services in Plano TX provided by Legacy include testing for a potential gas leak that will result in proper detection and subsequent repairs to make your home safe.

Spotting and Fixing Slab Leaks

Warm floors, cracks in a wall or ceiling and other major concerns are clear indications of a slab leak. The sooner our plumbers in Plano are contacted about these problems, the less damage will result and the lower your final costs will be to make repairs. Our licensed technicians have been rigorously trained to make the proper assessment in leak detection and repairs.

Repairing and Replacing Water Heaters

Lack of hot water, leaking or discolored water means that your water heater either needs to be fixed or replaced by a Plano plumber from Legacy. This appliance has a lifespan of about a decade, but that might be extended a few years through regular maintenance from Legacy technicians.

Basic Plumbing Issues

Faucets and toilets can leak just like water heaters, but detecting the problem and fixing it isn't always a simple task. That's why contacting Legacy is always your best course of action.

Water Heater Repairs

Legacy is here to help with Water Heater Repair and Replacement. If your old unit has 'gone out', needs a small repair, or needs to be replaced give us a call! We service both Gas, Electric and tankless water heater units.

Choose the Best

Legacy Plumbing offers award-winning quality plumbing services in Plano TX that are performed by licensed professionals who are committed to integrity and doing this right the first time. Contact us today at 972-801-9798 or fill out our online form.

Contact Legacy Plumbing for all your plumbing repairs in Plano, Texas!

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I forgot to mention that Alex and his trainee went above and beyond. Saw a few things that needed to be fixed/repaired and did those as well. Great customer service will keep us coming back. Thank you!!!
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