What To Do If You Smell Natural Gas

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Everyone wants their home to be a convenient, healthy, and safe location. This is why many people are hesitant to utilize gas-powered utilities. But whether it’s a fireplace, a water heater, or any other type of appliance, gas-based technologies can be very beneficial if used properly. However, the thought of one of these things malfunctioning can fill many people with dread. So what should you do if you smell natural gas?

The first step is to get in contact with the professionals. Skilled tradespeople who have experience working with natural gas know how to detect and repair leaks. Reaching out to Legacy Plumbing can help you and your loved ones stay safe and provide you with peace of mind when you use gas appliances.

Do You Smell Natural Gas? Additional Warning Signs

Most people have considered the possibility that they may have a gas leak at one time or another. If you smell natural gas, which generally has an aroma similar to that of rotten eggs, then it is obvious you are facing a serious issue and should contact a professional company. Other warning signs don’t pertain to smell, but to sound and appearance – a gas leak can sometimes make a whistling or hissing noise. In addition, an outdoor gas leak may result in lawn damage or dead vegetation. If you notice these issues near the source of a gas line, you may want to have the spot inspected.

What Dangers Do Gas Leaks Pose?

Gas leaks can present a number of significant dangers. In addition to being damaging to your lawn and home, gas leaks can also pose a threat to you, your pets, and your children. Prolonged exposure to gas fumes can pose moderate-to-severe health issues. These issues can also present fire hazards. Working with a qualified company that specializes in assessing gas leaks and treating them is something anyone should do if they smell natural gas or observe any other common warning signs on their property.

Legacy Plumbing Services

Gas Leak Testing & Detection

The first thing a professional team will do upon arriving at your location is utilize a whole system gas test to determine whether a gas leak is present. There are a variety of modern and reliable techniques which can be utilized to find even the smallest leak. Once the severity of the issue is identified, technicians can go over potential repair plans with you. Price estimates can also be discussed during this time, so you can budget in your repairs comfortably.

Repairing & Installing New Gas Lines

Professionals can handle all aspects of the repair process, including obtaining any necessary city permits to work on a gas line. The timeline for these types of projects can vary, but technicians should keep homeowners updated during the process. Technicians can also install new gas lines for both indoor and outdoor appliances. They will ensure that everything is set up properly so you can feel secure using your utilities.

Do you smell natural gas at your home? Don’t wait! Contact Legacy Plumbing today to get a thorough inspection. If repairs are required, we’ll be happy to give you the pricing up front!



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