Saving Lives Through the Gift of Water

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We have some very exciting news to share!

Earlier this year, Legacy Plumbing launched a fundraising campaign in support of The Water Project, an international organization devoted to providing clean, safe water to communities around the world who suffer needlessly without it.

In partnership with them, we are helping to construct a much needed water-well in Africa. This is a project that is very special to us. At Legacy Plumbing, we are well aware that water conservation is crucial for our earth, our community and our families. So many of us take our water supply for granted and don’t realize that there are 1 billion people worldwide that don’t have access to clean water.

From the outset, we were totally committed to contributing to this project, but we had no idea that we would also be able to generate the kind of additional donations to really make a difference. We are delighted to report that between May 3 and September 13 we have raised a total of $10,000. Our most recent contribution to the project was $3,300! We are thrilled that so much has been raised in so little time, and we are looking forward to tracking the progress of the well’s construction (which is on target to be completed in February 2014).

Legacy Plumbing will continue to support The Water Project on a regular basis to give people access to clean, safe water. There are just too many people are affected by water that causes a pervasive cycle of disease.

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Owners Michelle and Theron Young are proud to be able to help shepherd the mission of The Water Project. They feel that “it is an absolutely wonderful organization that helps people enjoy the benefits of clean water worldwide.”

Michelle and Theron are also deeply committed to their local community as well and generously support charitable efforts, such as Hope Park, Frisco Family Services and Project Warm Us.



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