14 Best Water Conservation Tips To Save Money (& The Environment!)

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From a both a financial and environmental perspective, the efficient use of water just makes good sense. Unfortunately, a large portion of the time our water utilization methods lead to unnecessary waste. This makes it important to ensure that water conservation becomes a priority in our homes and communities.

Over time, consistently implementing small, seemingly insignificant practices can make a big difference on your overall water consumption levels – and your pocketbook! As many parts of our country experience rainfall and water shortages, water conservation has become an even more important consideration. Here is a handy list of simple changes you can make today to start conserving water in your home:

1. Check Pipes, Faucets & Seals For Leaks. A slow leak can be hard to find, but if left unresolved the cumulative effect can translate into a lot of water wastage.

2. Keep An Eye Out For Toilet Leaks. These leaks can be due to any number of factors, from worn silicone to overflowing tank.

3. Utilize Low-Flow Faucet Aerators & Water-Saving Shower Heads. Water efficient fixtures can really contribute towards water conservation by using less water as you go about your daily routine.

4. Take Shorter Showers. A lot of people take showers that are far longer than needed, leading to unnecessary water wastage. Chances are you may not even be aware of how much time you are spending while the water runs. Get in the habit of setting a timer to make sure you don’t become a culprit of poor water usage.

5. Insulate Pipes. Letting taps run while you wait for the stream to warm up wastes a lot of water. Consider cladding or insulation to cut the wait for hot water down to a minimum.

6. Use Kitchen Sink Disposals Sparingly. The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink can use a lot of extra water. Using it only when it is really necessary saves that excess water wastage.

7. Hand-Wash Dishes. Dishwashers are a convenience of modern life, but the truth is they waste more than they’re worth. Washing dishes by hand is a more economical use of water.

8. Keep Water In The Fridge. Letting water run from a faucet to make it cool enough to drink is another faux pas that leads to wastage. Having a chilled bottle for consumption in the fridge will cross this water-waster off of your list.

9. Turn Off The Faucet After Wetting The Toothbrush. Leaving the water running while you brush your teeth is completely unnecessary and something a water-conscious household should avoid at all costs. The wasted water in just one toothbrushing session can be up to 5 gallons!

10. Don’t Wash Your Car With A Hose. In most cases filling a bucket with water will suffice to get the job done. On the occasion you do need a hose, control its flow with a water saving spray nozzle.

11. Only Water The Lawn When Needed. Over-watering the lawn is a waste of water, especially if the soil is still carrying moisture. Be smart about the time you spend soaking your landscaping and the frequency of your watering schedule.

12. Use Mulch. Mulch provides a barrier to evaporation which will reduce the need for outdoor watering. Another bonus is that mulch is also good for discouraging weed growth.

13. Make Your Lawn Watering System More Efficient. Watering with a hose is inefficient and wastes a lot of the water. Have more efficient methods in place to dampen your landscaping, such as water-efficient sprinkler systems or saved grey water from your home or rainwater collection systems.

14. Clean Sidewalks & Driveways With A Broom. Many people have grown up using a hose for this, but a broom can do an equally great clean up job and doesn’t waste any water in the process.

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Everyone’s Responsibility

To be mindful of our environment and others in our communities, water conservation should not be ignored. Water shortages can have a dramatic affect on individuals, corporations, and even entire countries. Wasting water leaves all of us vulnerable to the chance that the rain doesn’t fall abundantly in future. To ensure your home does not suffer from water leaks or ineffective seals, get your plumbing professionally inspected by our team at Legacy Plumbing. We can aid in your water conservation needs and help you save money on your utility bills. Together we can conserve water for present and future generations.

Water efficiency and conservation are very important to us, especially when you live in drought-stricken areas like Texas.

Here are several tips to help you conserve water in a practical way. Additionally, some of these tips may help you not only save water but money as well.

  • Nobody likes to wash dishes, but washing dishes and losing money is even worse! Instead of letting the water run while rinsing, fill the sink with rinse water.
  • When laundry day comes around make sure you are doing capacity loads to save water and energy.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for plumbing leaks. Repairing a leaky toilet can save up to 300 gallons of water per month.
  • Do you leave the faucet running while you’re shaving? Be environmentally conscious and turn it off. It will save more than 200 gallons of water a month.
  • Do you use a lot of ice in your drinking glass? Rather than throwing out that leftover ice, leave it for a thirsty plant to drink up! Mother Nature will thank you!
  • Are you a dog lover? The next time you decide to give them a bath, consider doing it in an area of your lawn that needs to be watered.
  • Make sure the entire family doesn’t constantly run water when they are brushing their teeth, and we bet you’ll notice a reduction in your next water bill.



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