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Our Work is Our Word.

General Plumbing
I had Luis come over today to fix an outdoor faucet that was leaking. He was very friendly, very professional, and explained to me everything that he was doing as he did it. He also gave me information and know-how on how to fix it by myself next time, if I wanted to. He also offered a complimentary inspection of my garbage disposal unit and my water heater. Good thing he did, because he found that the vent from my water heater to the roof vent was disconnected, and any escaping gas was being let into my attic. He gave me plenty of advice on what to do next. Awesome work, Luis, I wish there were more folks like you around that take ownership of the work they do. I think I just found my permanent plumbing guys!
Ashwin Kumar
General Plumbing
It's fair to say that I hate plumbers. I’m a failed plumber from a family of successful plumbers so that's where that probably comes from. In any case, trying a new plumber is usually just an extension of bad to horrible experiences. Until today. Always skeptical, I watched closely while Johnny from Legacy Plumbers did the best pre-inspection I’ve ever seen. Gloves on hands, booties on feet, he moved rugs out of the way, he cleaned double sink drains, inspected shower and bathtub drains, and declared them clear. He cleaned the work areas, replaced the rugs, then because I was so impressed, he proceeded to replace our guest bathroom tank mechanism. Suffice it say, I have found our plumber! Professional, exceptional technical skill, customer service beyond reproach. Hey, did I say he really impressed me? By the way, prices very acceptable! Thanks, Johnny. Keep up the really great work Legacy Plumbing!
General Plumbing
We just used Legacy for the first time and were very impressed. Very knowledgeable friendly and fair. Areas were left very clean and all work was done quickly and correct. I called them this morning we had no water and they showed up within two hours. Exceptional service and people.
Chad from Frisco