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A water audit helps to save you money by finding out how much water you are using in your home. Once you know what you’re consuming, you can then assess how to further reduce your water usage. For example, if you notice that you have leaking faucet valves, you can take the steps needed to repair the leak. The water that is saved as a result can add up to a significant decrease on your water bill. In addition to repairs, daily habits may be recognized as wasteful. In this case, minor lifestyle changes can lead to large reductions in your overall use. As you prepare to audit the water usage of your home, be mindful of factors that effect how much water you consume. Our usage changes throughout the year; certain seasons will read higher than others. Warm weather seasons often have months of increased use. This is because we are more likely to be using water outdoors for various warm weather activities and hobbies. Doing an audit in both the fall and summer seasons can help you to best estimate your average use. Legacy Plumbing Services You can audit your usage from either a water bill or by reading your water meter. When looking at your bill, find out if your consumption is listed. If your bill notes the total usage amount for the month, you can divide that number by the days in the billing period to find an average of how many gallons you are consuming per day. If the usage is listed by day, look for any extreme spikes or dips to help determine what habits or factors are causing you to use more or less than usual. When auditing with a meter, monitor at the same time every day, for several days. This will help you best conclude how much water you are using. Divide the number of gallons per day, by the number of people living in your household. While the daily amount used varies by region, between 80-100 gallons per person is average. Legacy Plumbing can assess your water audit and work with you to formulate a personalized plan covering repairs, replacements and modifications that could be made to your home to help you lower your water consumption and your water bill.


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